Award Points, Who's Leading?

Debuting our new Awards Leaderboard, for both Points as well as the Badge Tally.

Are you on the list?

Did you know about the cool Badging and Awards on the site? You can even take them with you since the Credly badging system is linked to Mozilla OpenBadge. HEAPS of organisations are involved, including lil' ol' us

User NamePoints
1Profile photo of MartinTheGeek1039
2Profile photo of Marianamarianasarceda390
3Profile photo of MitchMitchBrown375
4FB -
5Profile photo of DanaMrsDeeGee350
7Profile photo of TomTomCFD289
8Profile photo of Tullytullyrickets289
9Profile photo of Katekateflannery274
10Profile photo of Tonitonis25265

The GeekandJock Olympic Badge Tally

Who's accumulated the most Badges though?

Forget the bald guy too – he's testing all this stuff to work and owns the place so it's unlikely you'll ever beat him.

It'd be kinda cool to see someone try though? Got any other ideas for a Badge that you'd like us to create and start issuing? Let us know and get a badge for that too :)

User NameBadges
1Profile photo of MartinTheGeek13
2Profile photo of MitchMitchBrown9
3Profile photo of BellaBella7
4Profile photo of Johnredrockbrokers7
5Profile photo of Mariesexbait5
6Profile photo of GaryGaryNesbitt5
7Profile photo of Marie Chan IntoG - Marie Chan5
8Profile photo of DanaMrsDeeGee5
10Profile photo of Pip Thomasmyblog2064