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On the Road with the Squeeze :)

There's excitement from the start

Magic moments most often arrive when you’re willing to go a bit off the beaten path and learn to really enjoy the moment.

While not many people think about a road trip using their own cars, or aboard an RV rental as a great date option, there are many amazing benefits to disconnecting from the smartphones, getting in the car, and getting out and about to see what adventure the day (or weekend) holds for the two of you.

I’ve long been a fan of road trips, and some of the best memories with friends, dates, or partners came after a planned or spontaneous road trip.

Read on for 10 great reasons why road trip make the best dates.


#1: Excitement from the Start

One of the best parts about a road trip based date is that there’s excitement from the start.

Where are you going?

Are there special romantic plans or are you both exploring the open possibilities together?

Whether your date knows the basic plans or not, there’s an instant excitement and anticipation to what the evening might hold that is hard to match on a traditional date.

road trip excitement
Looks great, yes? :)


#2: The Road Trip Date Sets You Apart

Being original definitely wins you some major credibility with most dates.

After so many movies, so many bars, so many restaurants, it’s hard to stand apart and impress someone while still having a good time.

But a road trip?

That’s a major slice of fun and originality, and those good memories are going to really stick with a person long afterwards!


#3: Gets You Out of Boring Routines

Everyone spends a lot of time at home, at the apartment, at each other’s place, at the local hangouts.

No matter how much fun these places can be, they quickly become routine.

Just changing locations can bring a flair of excitement to a date night.

Decide and get going on a road trip today
Decide and get going!


#4: Ever Kiss at Sunset?

There are very few “romantic movie moments” I like.

Most of them seem fake and frankly creepy in real life, but in my experience there really is something to be said about finding those perfect spots to watch a beautiful sunset, and seal that last moment with a kiss.

Amazing, memorable moments.


#5: Adventure Is Always a Positive

Everyone has outstanding memories of that hole in the wall bar, out of the way restaurant, or wonderful park or campsite they discovered while just looking around.

Even on many road trips that didn’t lead to one of these discoveries, the adventure made the trip enjoyable, interesting, and exciting.

That type of excitement is a big plus for a dating relationship.


#6: Prepare Potential Special Moments

Find a great place for a picnic, a romantic spot to watch a sunset, or the perfect spot to clearly see the stars – going with a road trip allows you to set up those perfect romantic moments based on what you think (or know) your date will love.

Who doesn’t love seeing a date go above and beyond to set up the perfect outing for you?


#7: Good Alone Time in the Car

Do I really need to explain this one at all?

No phone calls, no interruptions from others, no talking over a noisy bar – just the two of you together.

Use the time well.


#8: Versions for Short Term and Long Term Relationships

Road trip dates are flexible.

A one hour or two hour round trip still works on a third or fourth date while a full weekend works with someone you have been seeing for a while or for a married couple looking to get away for a while.

Even better: each one is different.

Ten road trips can give ten completely different experiences.


#9: Quick Compatibility Test for New Dates

If you love adventure, being able to be spontaneous, and can’t imagine a relationship without that, the third or fourth date could be a great time to see how your potential romantic partner reacts.

Do they jump on board and embrace the experience, or does that romantic fire suddenly come to a halt?

Great micro test to learn early on whether it’s time to move on or if he/she is the one for you.


#10: Great Get Away for Long Term Partners

The longer two people are together, the easier it is to fall into a rut.

While there are good things about being together, a little adventure and getting away for a while to break up the monotony is a great thing to keep those fires burning!

These are just some of the many great reasons to consider a road trip as the perfect date setting.

From my own experience I can say the memories these get-togethers create will stay with you for years to come.


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  • What were the ups and downs you had?
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Gary knows all about the joys of a good road trip and has spent more than a decade taking big road trip adventures every chance he gets. Whether it’s going solo exploring the gravel roads of the Midwest or taking advantage of RV rental to travel in style, he is a huge proponent of seeing the world via road trip – whether on a date or not!

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