10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Be a Lot Happier

The majority of unhappiness involves the negative aspects of life permeating our brains.

Those little demon voices start niggling away at whatever positive energy and thoughts we’re maintaining at the time.

They say ‘Hey, don’t believe that, it’s worse than you think’ or ‘Do you really believe them?

They’ve made a mistake in the past so it’s likely they’re screwing up now, don’t you think?’

you deserve to be happier than you are now

Of course you do and here’s how to get it

Leading you in a spiral downwards into un-happiness.

Let’s change your thinking and focus on positive energies, leading you out and into happiness.


Accept Your Own Responsibility

There’s nothing worse than being on the receiving end of blame.

And it’s a mirror strategy i.e. those that blame also are impacted by the negative.

Accepting responsibility for failure promotes acceptance. Acceptance leads to the promotion of success strategies and success leads to mental health and happiness.

Do you accept responsibility, for both your own and others’ failures?


Just Be Yourself

Pretending to be anything that you’re not is simply a lie and a facade of deceit. We all do it though – and probably trying too hard to be accepted in the eyes of others.

Truth is that people are more accepting of another human being that you might think.

Why don’t you accept yourself?

When you can believe in yourself, you’re shedding layers of unwanted bullshit as well as being able to concentrate more on improving the qualities YOU think need improving.



To be your true self also requires confidence in your own abilities.

Today’s world is full of doubters and naysayers – typically coming from other people lack of confidence in themselves.

Carrying a proud self-worth invigorates you and promotes confidence in you by others.

When you’re viewed as a confident person, by others, they are boosting your happiness


Listen and Learn

Taking a real and active interest in other people has a number of happiness aspects which causes a domino effect.

Think back to when you were last taken an interest in.

Made you feel good all over, didn’t it?

The Law of Reciprocity dictates the more you’re interested in others, the more they become interested in you.

It’s ‘Happiness Ping-Pong,’ at it’s finest. You’ll learn real facts about other fascinating people and they’l yearn to know and talk to you, more and more.



Which would you rather experience in life?

  • Being constantly whinged and complained at and about?
  • Or … Praised for doing a good job and coached when you might have made a slip-up?

If you picked the first, you better get gotta here :) (only joking, you need to read this more than anyone else)

help someone with a good dose of praise

Help someone with a good dose of praise

It was a loaded question, guilty as charged. If you feel happy and good, on the inside, when mentored and praised, it stands to reason that this is a good habit to foster and coach in others.

People are all intuitively perceptive in recognising a good habit to adopt and reflect on others.

You’ll be one of them and expand your happiness frontiers further.


Unify and Come Together

We human beings are a funny old lot. We are pack animals who love to share, with giving friendship and honesty.

When we’re close to people from a relationship perspective, happiness endorphins start firing off inside us, making the ‘Happiness Beans’ start jumping.

If you’re thinking of controlling people with negative emotions or intent, you won’t get the jumping beans and you’ll eventually get more of the same negative Karma coming you’re way.


Be Constructive and Build Lasting Bridges

If You Build It, They Will Come

You can either tear it down or build it up, with yourself and with others. Your choice to chase the negative or positive.

Much like praise, maintaining a positive mindset in bridging gaps and building solid, honest relationships has a foundational tendency towards holistic happiness, in those around you and yourself.

If you see yourself tending towards being critical (to you or others), do the exact opposite.

What positive steps can you take to overcome the gap?

  • Repair the bridge?
  • Fill the void with a solution.



Empathy is often overlooked, in both men and women, despite women telling you otherwise. It isn’t natural in most people.

empathy has the power to heal and bring joy and happiness

Empathy has the power to heal and bring joy and happiness.

What is natural is to have someone just listen to you when you’re in a rough patch.

  • People like to have a little vent.
  • It clears the mind.
  • Enables the negative to escape, making room for positive solutions to fill the vacancy.

Be the person who can listen – you’ll need someone like that at another point in time to restore a lull in your happiness levels.


Keep Moving, Keep Changing

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

What really is the point with dwelling on crap you can’t change?

Yet people do it and retain high levels of negative bullshit in their lives, don’t they?

Moral of the short story is being successful brings happiness.

Success (in anything) brings a positive and reinforcing emotion.

It can be challenging to recognise this in yourself, to begin with. Start small and internalise about areas you’re having some blocks with. You’re likely to be taking the same action over and over.

Now it’s time for a different pace. Time to think outside the square you’re in and change gears. You’ll go nowhere other than the same depressive state.


Success breeds happiness – Change what you’re doing wrong to doing right.


Be Adventurous and Inquisitive

This isn’t about bungee jumping off a tall building (unless you really want to).

As it turns out, common block to higher levels of happiness is being in a rut in life, brought about by fear of the unknown. It’s debilitating at it’s worst.

Another start small and move to bigger and brighter things area of life.

As an example, I used to always drink black coffee.

Might not sound much. I did make a conscious effort to always try a different coffee type when I was out with people.

Boy, did I discover some beautiful coffee.

Just that small change made me happier and that’s what life is about.


Moral Of The Long Story

Increments in happiness snowball into an extraordinary happy life.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it to the end of the post. Here’s what you can do next:

  • Can you see real tangible value in being happier than you are now?
  • Which one are you going to try first?
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