I read with great interest the continuing series by our very own Gary Nesbitt about the 10 Ways to Keep Your Woman Happy – check them out if you haven’t read them yet.

Well, I was checking out a few apps on my iPhone and came across these that I thought I’d pass on to all of you guys. I gotta say these are some easy-to-do and commonsense tips for a healthy sexual relationship.

I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below too – so please do that after you’ve had a read.


Ten Ways to get more sex happening

They apparently got women to confess what makes a man irresistible when it comes to lovemaking.

This is my first contribution to sex and relationship advice. I hope you get some great sex for yourself and your partner. Let me know how you go :)

They all read reasonably sensible and follow all the rules around respect, honesty, and relationship building so please don’t think this is a con job in any way. Follow these tips to become that guy.

1. Play the Name Game
“Say my name, often. It makes me feel as though you’re totally focused on me.”

2. Pay Up
“Be generous when we’re on a date—offer to pay, tip well. It will make me think you’re just as giving in bed.”

3. Get Your Hands on Her
“Touch me on the arm while talking to me, on my shoulder if standing above me, on my hips if standing behind me, around my waist if walking beside me. It’s a subtle but effective way to let me know you’re genuinely interested.”

4. Ace a Classic Move
“On a cold night, wrap me up in your coat and kiss me on the forehead. It’s a movie-style move that makes me go weak in the knees.”

5. Excite Her Entire Body
“Sweep the hair away from the back of my neck and kiss me there. It sends sexy tingles everywhere.”

6. Be a Gentle Man
“Be gentle when you’re touching my clitoris—I can always thrust towards you to show you I need more pressure.”

7. Speak Softly
“Whisper in my ear while we’re having sex. Tell me how amazing my skin feels, how sexy I am and how good it feels to be inside me.”

8. Get Rough with Her
“I love it when a guy is playfully rough in bed—a tender bite, a bit of hair-tugging—it makes sex feel even more passionate.”

9. Be Her Alarm Clock
“Wake me up at 5 a.m. by heading down under. I may be half asleep, but I’ll soon be smiling all over.”

10. Say Something
“Make contact the next day. This rule holds true forever.”

My Conclusion to all this

Well, I agree with the majority of them though a little unsure about the ‘getting rough’ one.

There would certainly need to be a great deal of talk and agreement before that happens from me. I’m a little unsure I even want to raise it in the first place.

So do these make any sense to others? Is it actually a good thing to have this sort of a list in the first place? I think it’s always OK to have a roadmap, of some sort.

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