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Doncha Love High School Love?

High School Relationships are mostly temporary and when the kids grow up, they often laugh at what they used to do when they were in a relationship in high school!

According to me, the main reasons for that laughter are the following-

Do you get weird text mesages in high school?
Do you get weird text messages in high school?


1) Weird Texts

Well, it’s obvious that high school couples never miss a chance to text each other.

But I’ve seen weird texts!

A girl texting her guy – “I want to get drunk right now!”

Guy- “Aww baby! You can drink on my birthday! It’s just 3 months left!”

Girl – “Aah! Forget it! Everyone will think I’m a drunkard!”

And the whole scenario is that the girl is all alone at home and the dad has a whole bar full of liquor!

This wouldn’t happen with a mature couple as first of all, they would never want to get drunk alone!

And secondly, they have access to any bar nearby!

facebook tagging your boyfriend
Do you madly tag your boyfriend/girlfriend just to show you’re in love?


2) Facebook Tags

Once the ‘….is in a relationship” option is checked, every second day one of the partners upload a picture on Facebook and tag each other!

These pictures include kisses, hearts, and even teddies!

I still don’t understand why they put up these kinds of pictures just to show everyone how deeply they love each other.

No doubt that they must be loving each other intensely, but love isn’t a blog post that you have to promote and show others!

I wish I had the newly married Mark Zuckerberg’s number so that I could tell him to do something about this! (Joking :D)

scary parents
Do her/his parents scare you?


3) “OMG! Her Parents”

Many times, high school couples find each other at malls or at the movies unexpectedly.

The first look is always a happy one, but when they roll their eyes a bit and see the two ‘guards’ around the partner, they often say the sub-heading above these lines!

A real lover would go and say “Hi” to her love.

At that stage, it’s not a necessity to tell the parents that you both are in love.

Friends can always say “Hi” right?

And yeah, lying as a teenager is not a big crime in this field!


My View Of High School Romance Is  …

But at the end of the day, the cutest couples are made from high school!

PS This is written by a High School-er J

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3 Reasons Why High School Relationships Are Known As ‘Immature’ 1

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7 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why High School Relationships Are Known As ‘Immature’”
  1. I agree 100% bt what about university relationships isn’t it the same because i believe only after graduations that they become matured enough to start serious relationships.

  2. It’s a good thing that during my highschool days, there were no social media sites back then. I’m thinking that my highschool classmates would’ve made a fool of themselves posting everything about their boyfriends/girlfriends if that was the case.

    1. hahaha

      Now come on, Felicia – what sort of stuff would you guys have done back then that is any worse than what gets posted up on Social Media these days?

      Spill the beans! :)

    2. Hahah! Felicia! Maybe you guys would have sent letters and small chits to each other…or actually…threw at each other in class :D

      1. Hey Raaj, that reminds ME of when I was back at school – more than 35 years ago! :)

        I’m sure Felica was more refined than back in my day hehe

  3. Agree with you…FB is surly the important reason for these immature high school relationships.
    But, one should understand that love can be only to the living person, it can’t be for a profile page.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Andrew and making a comment.

      I’d ask you thou, wouldn’t you think that people often use their profile page as a sort of conduit to act out their own lives though? While they might be looking for ole and attention, their online persona is funneled out of their Facebook Profile?

      Please do get yourself a working Gravatar to, Andrew

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