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Warning Bells and Hunting Patterns

Dating trends in 2011 all point to the dating rules you SHOULD break.

We find ourselves involved with someone that’s wrong for us because we didn’t pay attention to all of the flags

With gender roles often reversed and common practices are thrown out the window, dating is far different from the way our parents remember it.

With all of this “out with the old, in with the new” business, is there any part of dating that should remain the same?


Take a look at these important dating rules that you shouldn’t break.


1.  Watch for red flags

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Your gut can give you both positive and negative feelings while you’re on a date – this is by far the #1 of all dating rules to follow.

If you get a bad feeling or a passive “eh” feeling when you’re with your date, chances are he isn’t the guy for you.

If he says that he’s not really a religious person and you are an avid Christian, don’t ignore it when your gut feels strange!

Oftentimes, we find ourselves involved with someone that’s wrong for us because we didn’t pay attention to all of the flags along the way.


2.  Remember his actions

Our mothers always told us that “actions speak louder than words,” and as we have gotten older, we’ve learned that it is true!

Take notes (mental notes, that is) of what he says and what he actually does.

Your date is probably not going to tell you that he feels extremely superior to the waiter at the restaurant you are at together, but he may treat the waiter with disdain and then leave a poor tip.

He may treat you like a princess when you’re together, but when you’re apart it seems like you don’t even exist to him.

Do you want to end up with a guy who can be so hot and cold?

You don’t need a man that says one thing and then does another, so make sure you evaluate him with your eyes wide open.


3.  Don’t make him too important too quickly

Men are all about the hunt. 

It’s no fun if he doesn’t have to chase you or vie for your attention and affection.

Don’t make yourself too available, answering his every call and waiting for his emails.

If you’re always available, calling him and hanging out whenever he can, he won’t have to work for it and he may get bored.

It sounds harsh to say, but that’s how guys are in the beginning.  Just wait and bide your time.

Eventually, he will make you as important to him and he is to you.


4.  Don’t go home with him on the first date

There is nothing good that can come from sleeping with a man on your first date.

If you’re looking for a relationship, he may not view you as relationship material, but as “easy.”

He might not respect you and he won’t take you seriously.

If you are really looking for a quality guy, present yourself as nothing less than a high-quality girl – and high-quality girls don’t put out on the first date!


5. Know when to get out

Don’t play games with your date. 

If you decide after a few dates that you’re just not into him, don’t lead him on, or pretend to play hard to get when really, you don’t want to be “got.”

Know the signs of a player and when you need to run for the hills.

In some cases, you might be really into your date and want to make things work with him, but don’t be blind to the signs along the way that he’s not looking for what you’re looking for.

While you are experimenting with new dating trends and throwing out old dating rules in your dating life, keep these rules in mind that you should plan to obey.

Using these may keep you from more heartbreak and may help you find your soul mate faster than if you ditched these dating rules too.

What’s one of your own rules?

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3 thoughts on “5 Dating Rules You Should Always Keep”
  1. I enjoyed this post. Totally agree with point one. I think this is were a woman should not be afraid to use her woman’s intuition. If he doesn’t feel right, chances are that he isn’t right.

  2. Nice post … Although I am already married but I have a lot of friends who love to search for their love of their lives on the net. I will share a link to my facebook account. I am sure this will be very helpful. Just want to add that when we search for friends or partners online, let's be serious it does not mean that they are just cyber friends you don't take it seriously, this are real people with true feelings.

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by and letting us all know your comments.

      To true, the thrust of any real or online contact or relationship should always by honesty around true emotions. It's an oft forgotten trait, especially with online 'player', that anonymous identities turn out to be real people – at least we hope so :)

      Look forward to any other comments you'd care to make and thanks again for stopping by.

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