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Most men don’t really listen and understand women and how they feel

We often want a certain girl, or even girls in general, to like us and want to be with us, go to dates etc. But what does this actually mean, and more importantly, how do you get a woman to like you?

First, let’s begin with attraction.

Attraction is this natural feeling that makes us want a member of the opposite sex. As a man, you either like a girl or not.

To you, it usually happens due to her physical looks and a bit because of how she behaves. But what’s really important is that you don’t choose to feel attracted.

No matter how an unattractive girl will try to persuade you to feel this attraction, she won’t succeed because you don’t control.

The same is true about women – they can’t choose to feel attracted or to like you.

It just happens.


Understand What Do Women Want In A Man

What does she want from you?

Is it similar to what you want in them?

I want you to forget everything you’ve known about women and love. Perhaps you’ve got some advice from your friends, or worse – from your mother.

There is a pretty long explanation to this but let’s be short: women are mainly attracted to a man’s behavior and not physical looks.

This means that you should stop investing too much in your clothes, body building, perfumes, hair style, etc. – they are important, but not too much.

Instead, what women want in man is masculine behavior.

Challenge yourself to excel and focus on your self-development.

Females want you to be a real man – confident, intelligent, charismatic, a leader of others.

And you need to show her all these masculine qualities.

don't be stupid. be a masculine man
Don’t be stupid. be a masculine man


Don’t Care of Losing Her

A first important tip that you should implement, is showing women that you’re not afraid of losing them.

What most men do, is they behave very nice and polite around girls.

They often try convincing the girl to like them.

However, this is wrong, because a real man never cares about a specific girl – he has plenty of them. And even if you don’t really have plenty of women yet, you should behave as if you do.

By showing her that you aren’t afraid of losing her, you’ll only make her want you more.

How do you show that you don’t care?

Tease her, laugh at her, treat her like your small sister, say whatever you have on your mind.

It doesn’t mean that you should mistreat her – no, just feel free to be yourself.


Show Your Negative Sides

Everyone has negative sides.

You might be bad at math, have low income, live with your parents, be afraid of something, never mind.

What most guys would do is try to hide these negative parts, to maximize the chances that she’ll like them.

They will always tell good things about them.

Again, this is a mistake.

Nobody can be perfect at everything, and if you aren’t saying anything negative about you, she knows you’re hiding something.

Telling bad things about you and showing your weak sides is in fact a strong signal of confidence. It shows that you’re not afraid of exposing your weakness.

Whenever you talk to a girl, make sure you also tell bad things about you, because it actually makes her more attracted to you.

women know you have a bad side. be happy to show it
Women know you have a bad side. be happy to show it


Breaking Rapport

Guys would often try to create what I call “artificial rapport” with a girl.

They will agree with everything she says and show that they have much in common.

Women find this very weak.

As we began this post, women are attracted to real men – confident, charismatic and leading. She wants you to lead her, not the opposite.

It’s important to show her that you don’t agree with her.

Make her want to be like you and to learn from you.

It doesn’t mean that you have to do the opposite and disagree with everything, but I’m sure that on many issues you’ll have your own opinion, so make sure you express it.


Really Listen to Her

My last point is very important.

Most men don’t really listen and understand women and how they feel. This is in fact one of the most common complaints women have regarding guys.

They just don’t feel understood.

So you don’t need to agree with her, and you can tease and laugh at her, and yet – listening to what she says is extremely important.

Especially when she talks about feelings, make sure that you refer to these emotional parts of what she says.


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2 thoughts on “5 Dating Tips To Get a Girl To Like You”
  1. Nice post

    In fact when I read the whole post I found it much funny. I have no experience in this area but all the tips you mentioned are totally opposite to what i used to think. I am still a bit confused on thinking do they really work. I thought that looks were very important to impress any girl. Well i guess I have to try them and also refer this article to my friends because they always do many things to attract girls .

    Anyway thank you for sharing.

  2. None of this post is true. And it’s pretty misogynist, too.

    You talk about how “unattractive girls” can’t make you like them. Well, if you’re an unattractive guy, you can’t make “hot chicks” like you.

    Most men overestimate their own attractiveness.

    Also, negging doesn’t work. Women know those stupid PUA tricks, and we see right through them.

    Trying to control the conversation by being “manly” and “leading” is a big turn-off, too. Just act like a normal human being.

    How to get a girl to like you?

    1. Don’t be a misogynist. Look up what misogyny is and re-examine your beliefs.
    2. Don’t try to show off or dominate. Don’t neg. Treat her with respect.
    3. Don’t expect to get the hottest chick in town. Make an accurate assessment of yourself and what you have to offer, and go for a woman who is more or less at the same level of attractiveness as you are.
    4. Women don’t owe you anything, so don’t get pissy and say bad things about them if they reject you. Just move on.

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