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Does your partner find you a turnoff already?

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Do you ever sit there and wonder why your past relationships and love interests have fallen apart?

If you have recently started dating a new partner and want to ensure that you do everything in your power to make this new relationship work, listen up.

We’ve put together some of the most common turnoffs that could sabotage your chances of being lucky in love.

If you display any of the following five traits in the early stages of your new relationship, don’t be surprised if you get the classic “it’s not you, it’s me” line anytime soon.

An Inability to Compromise

If you don’t meet your partner halfway in the early stages of your relationship, there will be alarm bells ringing in their head.

There’s no bigger turnoff than someone who isn’t prepared to compromise for their partner’s sake but always expects their partner to do what they ask of them.

Compromise is part and parcel of any relationship that has longevity.

It requires both people to give and take in a healthy, positive way so that you both feel fulfilled and valued as you share life together.

An excellent starting point to a relationship full of positive compromise is to write down your priority lists in life.

That helps to set the boundaries of nonnegotiables at an early stage and helps couples to better understand what makes each other tick.

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Placing Too Much Emphasis on a “Third Opinion”

If there is a so-called “third wheel” in your relationship, then it could be doomed from the outset.

One of the biggest turnoffs for people is when their partner listens too much to outside opinions from their friends rather than them.

If you appear to place more value on a friend or family member’s opinion than your lover’s, this is a clear lack of respect for your partner and spells trouble for your relationship.

It’s a particularly bad idea to listen to friends’ opinions after a heated argument.

Arguments and disagreements are natural, but the worst thing you can do is spew your negative bias out toward friends who will, inevitably, take your side and try to show you that your partner was in the wrong — when, in fact, it could have been you easily.

Being Glued to Your Mobile Devices

There are so many great mobile iGaming apps and MMORPG titles available to download that it’s easy to see why people get hooked on their smartphone for longer than they should.

Aside from mobile gaming, you’ve also got the ease of accessibility to social media and text messaging, allowing us to snoop on other people’s lives and chat with friends easier than ever before.

This problem is known as “sidebarring.”

If you are guilty of sidebarring and giving your partner the cold shoulder throughout the evening, this is a real problem for your relationship.

In the early stages of a new relationship, you’re meant to be in the honeymoon period, but if all you can think about is what’s happening on your phone than spending quality time with them, don’t be surprised if your beau doesn’t stick around too long.

Laziness is a Genuine Passion-Killer

There are few things more attractive than a person with drive and ambition.

Someone that is passionate about enhancing their career and constantly setting personal targets to achieve throughout the year is far more appealing than some lazy person with no direction.

If you don’t have a clear plan for life and are more than happy wiling away evenings, bumming around on the couch, then this could be one of your biggest issues when it comes to maintaining love interests — especially if you are a guy.

That’s because studies have shown that women are more interested in guys with ambition and energy.

Almost three-quarters (72.1 percent) of women surveyed said as much as part of a study conducted by biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher and assistant professor for gender studies Dr. Justin Garcia.

Poor Hygiene Can Put a Stop to Intimacy

Last and by no means least, poor hygiene can make it hard for couples to get intimate.

If you don’t have respect for your hygiene and appearance, then why would someone else, right?

Make a conscious effort to keep your hair cleaned and fresh, your nails trimmed and your breath minty fresh.

If you are serious about making your new relationship work, then take good care of your personal hygiene.

You’re no longer a singleton and don’t only have yourself to keep happy.

Don’t get so comfortable with your body and hygiene that you act more like a friend around your partner than a lover.

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