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everyone deserves happiness in their marriage
Everyone deserves happiness in their marriage

No one wants to go into a relationship with the expectations of being miserable.

Being with someone for the right reasons can help prevent you from feeling like you’ve made a mistake.

Although your spouse may do everything he or she can in order to bring happiness to your life, marriage is a commitment that requires both parties to make the effort.

Everyone deserves to be happy in their marriages.

Not only can it make you feel like you’re a part of a special team, but it can fill you with pride when everything seems to click perfectly into place.


You deserve a happy marriage because:

You Both Work Hard At It

It takes a great deal of patience and understanding when you commit to a specific individual.

You need to fully accept their faults as well as the strengths.

There may be parts of each other that can be frustrating at times. However, working as a couple to accommodate each other can prove to be greatly beneficial.

It’ll take quite a bit of work, but the rewards of being happy together make the adventure worthwhile.

Just remember that this experience needs to be reciprocal.


You’ve Been Through A Lot Together

Life is full of new experiences whether they are good or bad.

Facing each moment together builds a history while strengthening a bond between you.

Each time you face a challenge together, both of you gain additional knowledge and respect for the other. It’s this bonding that can make separation quite difficult.

You become used to the other person being there to help, and you may feel incomplete when he or she is not around.

Looking back at everything you’ve been through together could fill you with a sense of great accomplishment.


You Want to Make Each Other Happy

In ideal relationships, you don’t want to see the other person unhappy.

The longer you’ve been together, the more this can affect you.

As you begin to form a cohesive unit, the feelings of one person can greatly affect the other.

You want to make sure that your spouse realizes that you are there, regardless of the situation. You can become elated when your spouse’s eyes light up when you give them the perfect gift.

At times it will feel like your happiness is in direct correlation with your spouse’s happiness.

always work to be happily ever after
Always work to be happily ever after


You Both Work To Improve Yourselves

Although you work as a single unit, there are many aspects about yourself that you may wish to improve.

Self-improvement should be an ongoing activity as each new experience adds to your life.

Instead of being content with who you are, there can be a great deal more life has to offer if you accentuated yourself as a whole.

The more improvement the two of you add, the stronger you are, as a couple.


Your Marriage Is Awesome

Through the work and dedication you put into the relationship, you could have the most awesome marriage in history – at least according to you.

You may feel that you are just a part of a much greater whole and couldn’t imagine life without your spouse.

Every day can seem like a new chapter in how you as a couple triumph over life.


Not many marriages can work perfectly from day one.

Both parties need to put in the effort to make it the most ideal setting for the two of you as a couple. Compliment the parts of each other in order to make a whole unit.

After all, both of you deserve to be in a happy marriage.


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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Deserve a Happy Marriage”
  1. Nice post. Too many people think that if they make an effort, the marriage will work and be great. But as you’ve pointed out, a happy, successful marriage takes the full commitment of both parties.

    I also agree with always striving to be your best. Even though you are in a marriage, you have to work on yourself all of the time, becoming a better person each and every day. When you do this, you become a better partner for your spouse as well and that just makes the marriage even better.

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