can charlie sheen and denise richards teach us some valuable life lessons?

Charlie Sheen is indeed a mentor for everyone

Life is absolutely marvelous – you can always learn from others.

Charlie Sheen is indeed a mentor for everyone – in what you should be avoiding in a relationship, that is.


1. Keep off the cocaine and hookers

For the most part, normally functioning relationships omit cocaine and prostitutes unless your name is Carlos Irwin Estevez.

Yeah, I know the guy used to get $2MIllion an episode of 2 and a half men. And I love the show. It’s a great pity that all that money and limelight has almost certainly led him to the situation he’s in now.

Any normal guy would give his left testicle to have Denise Richards and two lovely daughters as a part of their family.

charlie sheen and denise richards
charlie sheen and denise richards

There are always going to be ups and downs in any relationship – something we, as human beings, are meant to work on and work out. It’s as if he’s simply looked at his bank balance and decided the easiest option is to bail out of a temporarily tough situation and simply go with the ‘off the rack’ option of ‘pay for your sex and closeness’.

What’s he get from this situation – shallow relationship (if you can call a night/s with a prostitute, a relationship) and a serious drug habit.


2. Treat people with dignity

Going out of your way to denigrate any other person shows just how superficial a person like Charlie Sheen really is. People of any substance work out conflict rationally and with a win-win scenario in mind, at all times.

Warner Bros simply had to make the decision to postpone the Two and a Half Men series due to ongoing notoriety on Sheen’s part.

They would have gone through their own Risk Management process, to protect their reputation, integrity, and profitability.

Sheen is at the center of all this and he was the only person who had the ability to make it ‘all right’.

What’s he do?

Goes off his head in the public forum and takes the high ground.

If the guy had a responsible brain cell in his head, he would have held his own private audience with those in charge of his last 8 years of financial gratification and got it sorted.

Everyone including Sheen would have preferred to see the series go on for another 8 years.

It’s a shame people let their own egos get in the way of ‘winning’ :)


3. Positively Innovate instead of negatively imploding

Relationships get tough, even at the best of times, and often when you least expect it.

Is that a reason to lose your cool?

The sane reaction is to view the relationship challenge you’re faced with as a great time for change and innovation.

You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done!

So if you’re situation turns to crap and has done so in the past, it’s time to mix it up and change whatever it is you’re doing. Sometimes it will require multiple changes as you might fail the first.

And that’s fine as long as your intention is always to make things better for everyone involved and everyone involved knows it.


4. Kids are for Protecting – Not Profiting

Without question and I’ve said before in a recent blog post on Divorce Being A win-win situation, children in a relationship should always be considered as your gold, your future fortune. Protecting them at all costs and nurturing them outside your own ego is vital.

Seeing Sheen trying to drag his kids into his grubby publicity stunts really annoys me.

Thank goodness Denise Richards has a healthy dose of common sense and is acting in the very best interests of her kids – kudos Ms. Richards.


5. Be a Real Person, Not an Actor

Sheen’s behavior suggests to me he’s actually acting for much of the time he’s in the public spotlight. He knows only too well the media world will latch onto any sort of weird behavior.

He’s been in the acting world for the majority of his life. It would be second nature for him to bleed as much Press Time out of his situation by throwing red herrings aplenty to the hungry sharks.

Look at the Guinness World Record he achieved with Twitter. He’s slamming his face into every area of media he can, at the moment. And the gathering force he’s creating by the torrent of weird crap is much aligned with Ashton Kutcher’s Internet success.

Unfortunately, it’s still all an act.

He’ll again score another highly paid acting role somewhere.

Immense popularity (as well as notoriety) sells stuff and makes the person involved rich.

That’s exactly where Charlie Sheen wishes to remain so he can continue to fuel his habit of coke and porn starlets.

So what are your thoughts on what else the good old Charlie Sheen boy can teach each of us about relationships?

5 Relationship Tips You Can Learn From Charlie Sheen 1

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