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Business People, 5 Tips for Better Personal Relationships

Respect is at the heart of any successful company and business relationship

People make the world go round, and for those who understand these facts are much more effective in their business dealings than those who don’t.

Experience has proven that you still need solid relationships along with good business practices to succeed in the marketplace, and not to just rely on having the best products or services, although they are definitely helpful.

There have been situations that have caused conflicts between people during business transactions that when unresolved have been the ultimate cause of business deals eroding into failure.

Although difference between individuals is quite common, there are ways to turn non-compatible personalities into positive outcomes, rather than allowing your business deals to suffer.


The Key to Unlocking Obstacles Is Respect

Respect is at the heart of any successful company and business relationship, it is the glue that binds people together and is what allows partnerships and teams to reap successful business dealings.

Although people have differences of opinions, in and out of business, respecting others people’s difference in opinion is a concept that everyone should try to foster.

When faced with a specific difference of opinion, the first thing to understand is that most people view things as either right or wrong.

But the successful business person should approach any obstacle with a grey eye, meaning that any problem whether viewed as right or wrong may be overcome by respecting other people’s unique opinions, and then locating any grey areas where progress can be made.


Respect Leads to Trust

5 Tips for Better Personal Relationships 1
Wouldn’t you agree that respect leads to a longer lasting trust in a relationship?

By respecting what others have to say, they will be more likely to trust you and your decisions. A lack of respect in this regard causes people to assume that you are un-open to any agreement or compromise.

It is unfortunate that over the years many business people have become accustomed to the “My way, or the highway” decision making policy of people in leadership positions.

If others you work with expect this policy from you or a superior, teammate or someone else they are trying to do business with, then a struggle or conflict will most likely ensue.

To avoid this from happening, a consistent policy of respecting others will definitely earn the appreciation and trust from people you work with.

Business dealings become much easier when you show respect to others.


Trust Gives Way to Compromise

When business people trust you they are much more likely to cooperate and compromise with your position.

By identifying, respecting and trying to understand others positions on a specific idea or opinion along with looking for grey areas to reach an agreement, a little trust can tilt the scale towards a compromise that can benefits all parties.


Consistent Communication Removes Doubt

Once you understand and start to exercise the above mentioned relationship tips, you then must be consistent in your communication style.

Not all people communicate in the same way; in fact many people under pressure to succeed often let frustration take over their comments.

  • Being consistent in how you approach individuals, circumstances, obstacles and differences of opinions will remove the doubt in others about you.
  • Doubt is a cousin of fear, and fear is not a good ingredient in any business environment.


Self-Respect Should Be First

Self-respect, if you don’t respect yourself or have confidence in your abilities, then it is impossible to have respect and confidence in others.

People are intuitively drawn to those individuals who have self-respect, and in a business relationship they are more likely to agree with you, if you have it?


Your Turn

What’s one thing you think is important in business relationships?

5 Tips for Better Personal Relationships 2

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4 thoughts on “5 Tips for Better Personal Relationships”
  1. Respect Leads to Trust > Trust Gives Way to Compromise

    I think that’s fantastic. What I love about your words, Geek, is that you’re articulate and don’t waffle on. The message and your thoughts are clear in each and every one of your posts. I’m rapidly becoming addicted to this site. Wonderful work! :)


  2. I think listening and having patience are key to relationships. In my business, I have to not only have good relationships with humans, but also with horses!
    My recent post Patience is For the Birds

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment, Tanya.
      I think listening and patience in relationships is something we all need to demonstrate in all our personal dealings. Be it with our partner, business team, children and even horses.

      But tell me, do horses need a special kind of patience that you tend to not use with people?

      My recent post Why Complicate Your Life?

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