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A StandOut Dating Profile

For every good person you meet online, there are a thousand creepy people.

Online dating is no walk in the park.

Especially if you’re a girl.

In theory, it sounds like it should be easy… after all, you just fill out a profile online and wait for matches to roll in, right?

If only it were that simple!

For every good, solid person you meet online there are a thousand creepy people that you meet first, and weeding through prospective dates can make for more than a few humorous stories and bad date experiences.

However, one thing that might be deterring you from finding Mr. or Mrs. Right is your dating profile.


To create a really successful dating profile, make sure that you’re doing these things:


1. Be Honest

Don’t try to fit into a mold of what you think people want, just be yourself.

Plumping up your profile with fluff will always backfire.

Unless you plan on suddenly losing 50lbs before your first date don’t bother saying that you’re slim.

And until you put lifts in your shoes, don’t claim to be 6ft when you’re barely 5’8”.

There’s no bigger let down than thinking that you’re going out with one person and then meeting them and realizing that they’re nothing like the person they initially described online.

So skip any stretching of the truth – you want someone to like you for who you are, right?

Unless of course you’re going to spend your entire profile professing your love for cats.

5 Tips for Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile 1
Don’t you think a potential dating partner is likely to notice a lack of bumps?
There’s someone just right for you – don’t lie and scare them off

Might want to tone that one down a bit.


2. Include a Good Picture

No one wants to try to guess what you look like.

All too often people will include photos of themselves with sunglasses and hats on, be far off in the distance, or post something that was taken several years ago.

You want your date to recognize you when you walk in to meet them for the first time, not be crest-fallen because they expected one thing and got another.

And try to smile in your picture.

5 Tips for Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile 2
Now that’s a genuine smile on a clear and honest picture
That’s the image of a person you’d love to meet on a date

It can make all the difference.


3. Be Confident, Not Arrogant

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and once you cross into the field of arrogance you’re doomed.

Everyone wants to date someone who likes themselves, but no one wants to date the person who is in love with themselves.

5 Tips for Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile 3
Remember you’re going to be judged on ‘the whole package’
So confidence, in you as a person, is important

Having enough confidence to state what you believe in and what you want is a good thing.

But alienating people because you’re being too forward is not.


4. Spell Check

Not taking the time to spell check and proof-read your dating profile shows a lack of any real interest in it and makes you look lazy and careless.

If you aren’t willing to take the time to put any real effort into your profile then why would anyone think you’re going to take the time to put any real effort into a relationship?

5 Tips for Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile 4
Nothing says ‘I don’t have a clue about the real world’ than bad spelling
Use a spell checker!

Sloppy isn’t sexy.


5. Maintain Some Mystery

Avoid telling your entire life story online – maintain a level of mystery that way people are intrigued with you and want to go on a date with you to get to know you better.

Laying out everything about you takes away the necessity of going on a date, thus defeating the whole purpose.

5 Tips for Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile 5
OK, maybe this is a bit extreme.
But you have to admit, you do want to know more about the guy, don’t you?

As people gravitate towards longer hours at the office and less time out mingling with singles their age, online dating is becoming an increasingly popular choice to meet a potential mate.

Take advantage of these opportunities and have fun and be creative with your dating profile.

Just make sure that you’re being yourself too!


Got any More?

That’s our Top 5.

Have you got any others you found work well?

5 Tips for Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile 6

Liz just a simple lady hope that more people can live out that dream through reading her articles and thoughts about the effect of online dating. She is a regular contributor for online dating sites.

GuestAccount – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

9 thoughts on “5 Tips for Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile”
  1. Great article, and so true! In fact Online Dating has become hugely popular while increasing in recent years to where experts are estimating that 40% of relationship today start online. By the year 2025 that is supposed to increase to 50-60%. Amazing. There are tons of wonderful and safe online dating sites (both free and paid), if you are careful and use common sense. Be sure not to disclose personal contact information until you verify the person on the other end is REAL, GENUINE and SAFE! (via Skype or some other visual means). Paid dating sites of course offer additional premium features such as built-in surveys and personality tests, but we suggest starting with Free sites that avoid the fluff and concentrate on what‘s most important; That is open, unlimited communication so you can find that perfect partner in the shortest time possible!
    Remember, be safe and smart out there! Stay tuned as we will be providing additional detailed reviews of our favorite dating sites.

    Asia Minola, MA
    Online Dating Coach – Relationship Counselor
    UNLV – BA Sociology

  2. “Try to smile in your photo” So true! I don’t know how many profile pics I’ve seen with someone “mean mugging” the camera….SCARY. and please add “keep your tongue in your mouth” if you somehow think that is sexy i’m hear to tell you it’s NOT!

  3. I dabbled in online dating quite a lot when I was younger and enjoyed mixed results, really. I wasn’t overly confident when I first began so I included a photo that featured myself and two of my girlfriends. It really just caused more confusion than it was worth so my #1 piece of advice to girlfriends (and guys) whom are signing up is to pick a solo shot :P

    I concur 100% on your point about not sharing your life story too, Geek. There has to be something driving me to meet you and essentially, if a potential date reveals his ‘warts and all’ before we’ve even met then that is a GIANT red place.

    All in all you’ve layed out a lot of useful and practical tips here. x

    1. Nice to know a real world example from you, Anita – thanks heaps for taking the time and letting us all know. Very appreciated.

      I must admit, I personally never had much success at all with dating sites. I personally found them all to be inhabited by ‘fake people’. You know the type that stretches the truth of everything?

      Maybe it’s a lack of self confidence but if you’re on a dating site, I’d have thought you’re going to be found out on lies on the first date.

      Why do you think people do that?

      1. I think you’ve hit the nail squarely on its head there, Geek. Self confidence is at the root of these ‘fake people/profiles’ as far as I’m concerned. As you touched on earlier, you’re not out to give out your entire life story but any good relationship – long distance, online, whatever – cannot begin on a foundation of lies, no matter how small.

        At some stage – and it is often much sooner than later – the truth will pop up and say hello. If you’ve layed down the lies thick and fast leading up to that point, even a positive relationship is going to take a massive blow as a result. It is old hack and cliche but honesty, more often than not, IS the best policy.

  4. I would add being funny and a little unpredictable? You don’t get to see many online dating profiles saying something like “You can think of me as to Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind novel as I’m both of a warrior and a source of conflicts, but always make room for passions in my fast paced life”. I don’t know, anything that breaks the patterns normally catches the eye :D

    1. Nice addition, Michelle.
      And funny is probably one of the important factors too, I think.

      Dating is tough enough as it is and starting off in a casual and easy going way would certainly be an eye-catching title that’s surely to increase your chances of being picked.

      ‘Being Picked’ – jeez, it really is a lottery, isn’t it? :)

  5. I find the tips very interesting and effective. People who will be following the tips that you have stated here will definitely create a killer online dating profile. Thank you so much for this.

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