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There’s thousands of people who are happy to walk up on stage and speak to huge audiences without getting the slightest bit anxious.

It’s as if they are the most confident people in the world and nothing fazes them.

When you get asked to be the best man it might be one of the most important honors anyone has bestowed upon you, but then you realize you have to do the exact same as those guys that speak on stage.

The only difference is they’ve probably had professional teachers to help get them ready. Then they had all those speeches that don’t get talked about.

The ones where they were honing their skills that were absolutely rubbish.


You only have one shot and it has to be perfect at the first time of asking.

A weaker man might be nervous, but not you.

It’s already been decided that you’ll give the greatest best man’s speech in the history of best man speeches. Now you just need to find out how to do it. You’re going to give a great speech, but no-one said this is going to be an easy ride.

You have everything you need deep down inside you and now it’s just time to put it all together.

So you can have the best start available we can look at some of the things you need to start thinking about before the big day.


What Jokes Do You Have up Your Sleeve?

will you marry me with this salary
If a best man has to do one thing with his speech it’s making everyone laugh as much as possible.

That can be a pretty daunting task.

Do you have any jokes that would be perfect for your speech? If you’re not a naturally funny guy you might have to look around the Internet checking out examples you can use.

Just remember you don’t want to go overboard, otherwise you might get scratched to death by the bride after she’s had some champagne.


Bring the Family Into It

One of the easiest ways to get people excited is to bring them into the speech.

The easiest people to bring into it are obviously the families of the bride and groom.

Once they are happy and laughing it makes the atmosphere much more relaxing and enjoyable.

If you don’t know the bride’s family then find out about them before you speak.

Don’t shower praise on only one side of the family because that doesn’t look nice, especially when you want to embarrass their daughter.


Learn to Use Your Voice

Some people have a hard enough time being understood when they speak to one person, so when they are speaking to a group of people it’s almost impossible to hear them. Do you like to mumble instead of speak loudly?

It’s easy to mumble your way through a conversation, but when you’re giving a wedding speech it’s crucial you speak loud enough so that people can hear you.

Don’t think you need to speak like a different person.

A little louder with do.


Use Some Props

If you want your speech to turn into a multimedia experience you could add some props to the occasion.

Something that always gets a few laughs is embarrassing photos.

It also means you don’t need to rely on your natural comedian coming out if you can just hand a photo around. This is also going to waste some time and that can only be a good thing.

It gives you a little break from speaking and you can get your breath back.


Bringing It All Together

Terms of married service When you’re planning everything you should be writing it all down.

Once it’s written down, you should be mapping out your first draft.

As soon as you reach this point you want to start practicing some things in front of the mirror, then once you are getting closer to the final product you want to start rehearsing in front of real life people.

One person you definitely want to be showcasing your talents in front of is the groom, so he can give you the thumbs up or tell you something has to be changed before it’s too late.


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