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Want to rekindle that relationship passion?
Want to rekindle that relationship passion?

As a woman myself, I’d really love to hear other women’s views on my own ‘rekindling the spark’ tips so remember to let me know in the comments below, OK?

Are you feeling bored with your significant other?

Is your relationship in a rut?

Never fear!

It’s possible to replace relationship fizzle with sizzle.


Try these five tips for putting the spark back in your relationship.

Show Affection

Kiss, hug and hold hands often, both when you’re alone and in public.

Showing affection is the best way to build affection.

The moment you stop making physical contact with your man is the moment the flame starts to die. Make it a priority to hold hands at least once a day.

Even if it’s just while you watch Netflix on the couch.


Romantic Ideas Can Be Dates Too

You’ll see a huge difference in your relationship if you go on a romantic date together once a week instead of always hanging out on the couch at home.

Traditional romantic dates include dressing up and going to a fancy Italian restaurant, seeing a romantic comedy, or getting dessert together.

You don’t need to stick with tradition, though.

Try some affordable-yet-romantic ideas such as going on a midnight hike, packing a picnic lunch and eating together at the park, watching the sunrise, or snuggling by the fire.

If you miss your romantic past, plan a nostalgic night where you sit down and watch your wedding video together, flip through photos of your honeymoon, and laugh at pictures from when you were dating.

The sparks will fly when you remember the “good old days.”


Respect each Other

Always treat your man with respect, even when he’s acting immature.

Don’t talk about him behind his back to your friends; that will only make your negative feelings stronger.

Try not to nitpick your man for every little thing he does “wrong.”

Instead, strive to be less critical and really think before you speak. Could you re-word an angry retaliation in a way that won’t make him upset? These little changes go a long way in relighting the passion in your relationship.

Plus, you can avoid saying things you’ll regret later.


Laugh Together

Laugh at his jokes and he’ll laugh at yours; laugh together when things go right; even laugh together when things go wrong.

laughter can be good medicine for any relationship
Laughter can be good medicine for any relationship

Look up pictures of each other as children and laugh until you cry.

Laughter is the best medicine there is, perfect for mending your own distress as well as the tears in your relationship.


Take a Romantic Weekend Trip

Don’t just plan a fantasy vacation—take it together!

You don’t have to visit an exotic, far-off land to spark the flame of your relationship. Somewhere relatively close, such as Chicago, is a great vacation option. In fact, just being in a new environment together and trying out new things without the stress of work or other obligations can be incredibly powerful for helping you fall back in love.

Relax plenty, but check out the tours and attractions in Chicago that everyone’s always talking about: the Bean, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, Sears Tower, Union Station, and many other attractions await.

To make the most of your Chicago getaway, put away your laptop and cell phone and give each other your full attention.

Work is on hold—for both of you—while you’re away together.


Never Give Up


Don’t give up on your relationship until you’ve tried these and other tips to keep the flame burning bright!


Speak Your Mind Because I Know You Have One

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  • As a guy, do you think I’ve got the right tips here?
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  1. respecting each others priorities,goals, views and opinions are part of the things that make a relationship work

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