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Passion is Everything

The early days of a new relationship are usually filled with passion and excitement.

You can’t keep your hands off each other and would rather stay at home romping in bed than socializing with friends.

This is all perfectly normal.

It’s nature’s way of ensuring two people bond enough to provide a stable family environment for future offspring.

The Seven-Year Itch

In time, the delirious excitement of falling in love fades to a more sustainable feeling of contentment.

You venture out more and sex is less frenetic.

Couples settle into a routine, punctuated by kids, dogs, work, and all the pieces of life’s jigsaw.

If you’re lucky, you both still rock each other’s world when the lights go off, but if like most couples, the passion has faded and you’re left wondering how you can keep it going long enough to hit your next wedding anniversary, read on for some tips.

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Keep Talking

It’s easy to spot couples in the latter stages of relationship meltdown.

They are the people who barely exchange two words in a restaurant because they have absolutely nothing to say to one another.

Don’t let this be you.

Talking keeps the lines of communication open.

If you can talk about the little things, you leave the way open for discussions about the big stuff, such as why one of you isn’t feeling it in bed anymore.

Make time to talk, ideally when the kids are in bed and you can be alone.

Be non-judgemental if you’re unhappy about something.

Accusing your partner of being selfish in bed is not going to yield positive results.

If you are struggling to work through an issue, make an appointment with a relationship counselor.

Be Forgiving

Nothing kills passion quite like.

We are all guilty of being selfish and thoughtless.

If you’re unhappy with your partner, don’t hold a grudge.

Talk it through and make peace.

Going to bed angry is always a bad idea.

Try to focus on the nice things your partner does for you.

That way you will feel more inclined to make love instead of burying them under the patio.

Date Nights

Date nights are very important!

It’s easy to get sucked into the everyday routines of raising children and going to work.

Before you know it, you have both forgotten what it feels like to have fun.

This is when the rot sets in.

No matter how much pressure you’re under with work, family, and other responsibilities, try and schedule a date night at least once a fortnight.

Take it in turns to plan something special.

If you’re lucky, your date night might lead to a happy ending!

Sex Toys

Don’t underestimate the power of sex toys.

Women often struggle to climax when they are tired or buried under an avalanche of domestic responsibilities.

Using a vibrator takes the pressure off the man to give his partner an orgasm.

There are all kinds of women’s sex toys, from classic rabbit vibrators to nipple clamps.

Experiment and have fun!

an array of modern sex toys
invest in some good quality sex toys

Create an Experiential Bucket List

Talk about your fantasies and create an experiential bucket list.

Perhaps you have always liked the idea of having sex outdoors or you fancy trying role-play games.

Be open and discuss what turns you on.

Create a bucket list and see how many experiences you can tick off.

Just be very careful about introducing a third-party into the relationship.

Finally, make an effort and don’t neglect your looks or your health.

Nothing kills the passion in a long-term relationship more than when one partner piles on four stone and can barely move from the sofa.

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