6 Tips to Radically Reduce Relationship Stress 1

Radically Reduce Stress Between 2 People

Each day we are being subjected to colossal amount of stress.

avoid just accepting that stress is normal
Avoid just accepting that stress is normal – change it if it is

It affects every aspect of our lives including our relationships.

Stress can give us a lot of pain, strife and tension that are not only harmful to our mental wellness but to our bodies as well.

In extreme cases, one can face a seemingly insurmountable amount of stress when the relationship turns awry and you finally toss in the towel into the ring.

Relationships should not end just because of stress.

There are ways to cope with stress and still have a splendid relationship with the one you dearly love.

It is just a matter of knowing how to handle stress effectively and manage it despite the conflicts and the challenges that happen each day.


Analyze The Situation

The first step to reduce the stress in a relation is to sit down and analyze what is happening.

analyse what's causing the stress, as a first step
Analyse what’s causing the stress, as a first step
  • How many times you jumped into the fray without taking a look at the situation first and acted like crazy?
  • Have you ever thought of becoming more open to accept compromises?

A relationship’s foundation is based on open communication.

Before making any drastic moves, try to imagine yourself in the situation of your partner and look at the situation from their perspective.

Sometimes we argue for our vantage point which is not necessarily ideal.


Listen To Your Partner

There is nothing more powerful in relieving stress in a relationship than listening.

Listening does not involve hearing your partner out but also putting pride at the backburner.

How many times you have been pushing your argument to drown what your partner has to say?

A good partner seeks to avert a lot of strain to come into the relationship. For once you need to listen and consider the issues being forwarded to you.

This is the time when your partner is seeking to connect with you, take advantage of it.


Never Take Anything For Granted

Treat each person that comes into your life as a gift.

Be honest with yourself, do you feel tired having your partner around?

If you do, then you are guilty of taking the relationship for granted. This is a horrible thing that may ruin the relationship. When you feel tired of having your partner around push yourself to make each moment count.

Start appreciating your partner more and begin with a smile.

Set Realistic Expectations

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

choose achievable expectations you both can enjoy
Choose achievable expectations you both can enjoy

If you expect the high heavens in a relationship it will only result in a lot of stress and anxiety which can lead to disaster.

Whether you admit it or not, there is a time you wished your girlfriend could be as hot as Beyoncé or some other girl.

If you continue to expect more from your partner which cannot deliver it will only cause undue stress and could lead to a nasty break-up.


No One Is A Fortune Teller

Unless your partner is a great psychic, never assume that your partner would be able to decipher from the hints that you have been dropping all these times.

Telling things straightforward is the best way to let your partner know your needs and expectations about the relationship.

  • How many times you actually wanted your boyfriend to take hints at what you want?
  • How many times you hated your partner for being insensitive just to leave the dirty dishes?

Of course if you don’t tell them squarely nothing will change.


Remain Steadfast And Committed

When you are engaged in a relationship the rewards are immense.

However, it comes with a price and the cost comes in the form of challenges and temptations.

How many times it occurred that the commitment may be a mistake?

If you entertain this thought then the relationship will not work.

A great relationship is the product of a gargantuan effort coming from both parties.

Making a relationship work is stressful at times but the rewards are great.


  • Focus on the positive and listen to each other’s needs.
  • Look at the roses and not the thorns.

Soon enough you will find a great relationship that will last a lifetime.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it tthis far, without too much stress. Here’s what you can do next:

  • Where do you experience stress in your life, right now?
  • Which tip will help you the most and why?
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6 Tips to Radically Reduce Relationship Stress 2

Ryan Rivera writes about panic attacks, depression, stress and anxiety.

Ryan – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

4 thoughts on “6 Tips to Radically Reduce Relationship Stress”
  1. I think it’s best to keep each other updated of your priorities in life. Your plans and agenda should be clear so misunderstanding will be eliminated. Open-mindedness is also an important factor. What do you think? :)

    1. Without any doubt, Arianne, communication is a vital part of any supporting and lasting relationship. Thing is, most if not all of us, do still tend to suppress areas that trouble us deeply. It’s a type of procrastination and internal protection mechanism too – and sometimes we simply need to ponder for a little time before we can properly communicate our troubles to our partners. A bit like finding the right words to say.

      Open-mindedness is real easy to say and desire – much harder to actually do though.

      Can you honestly say you have an open mind to everything as I’d suggest the vast majority of people still have internal prejudices and resistance to some areas in life.

  2. True that! Not only that stress can be bad to our help, it can cause us our relationships too. I remember when I had to do something that really stressed out the life out of me, my husband and I fought almost everyday. Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your personal story, Vianney.
      Yep, stress in our life has the unfortunate byproduct of affecting others that are close to us – and that’s a bad thing to happen.
      Did you happen to share your stress with your husband?

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