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Escorts are not unhygienic, disease carrying prostitutes! Find out the facts for yourself and change your opinion

Many people have a negative view of escorts and the men who see them.

Some label them ‘morally deprived’, ‘losers’, ‘whores’, and other negative names.

This is largely due to prevailing misconceptions about escort services and the ‘world’s oldest profession’ – they’re not always the same thing.

The latter is a profession that exists not because some people are exploitive and others addicted to drugs, as some would have others believe, but rather because sex, company and the appreciation of the female form are major players in the human psyche.

That isn’t about to change anytime soon.

Here are seven common misconceptions about escorts and the men who see them.


All escorts are prostitutes.

There’s a grey area and something that can’t be denied, though it’s simply not true that all escorts are prostitutes.

Someone who engages in sexual acts for money, seeing that many escorts’ job descriptions are exactly what the name implies; they escort men often to social events, and provide them with female company.

escorts and sex workers


Escorts are unhygienic and disease-carriers.

Escorts who have sex for money will rarely, if ever in most cases, have sex without protection.

Without the client wearing a condom; and in fact, escorts who do engage in sexual acts are usually a lot stricter about this point than many women who have one night stands.

Whether an escort sees what she does as a career or something to put her through university, they generally understand that if they contract STD, they’ll throw their jobs out the window.

That all escorts are dumb bimbos is another misconception in need of debunking!


Men who see escorts are losers.

What male doesn’t enjoy spending time in the company of beautiful women?

That some men naturally attract beautiful women can’t be denied but many men (with truckloads of animal magnetism who have to beat women off with a stick) still see escorts because they enjoy no-strings-attached female company or like to cut straight to the chase because they can’t be bothered chatting women up.

That doesn’t make them less attractive males who struggle to meet women losers either.

In fact, many who hold this misconception are jealous of these men because they’ve decided they aren’t going to be alone.

They’ve arranged an escort and had a great time in the company of a gorgeous woman whether they’ve paid to engage in sexual acts with her or not.


Escorts will do anything for money

There are bankers, lawyers and even doctors who’ll do anything for money.

That’s something we read about all the time in the paper.

Why do so many people forget all about these supposedly ‘upstanding members of society’ and point their finger exclusively at escorts?

Perhaps because they’re easy targets who earn a living in a ‘grey area’ that often deprives them of the rights afforded to practically anyone else.


Escorts are usually drug addicts or single mums.

This is simply not true, at all.

While there are many drug addicts and single mums who work as escorts, to say that they’re all, or even usually, drug addicts or single mums is completely false.

Many escorts are university students who work to pay for their education.

Others are career women who enjoy the power that comes with the profession.

And there’s ladies who hope to one day meet a client who’ll marry them.


There’s something wrong with men who pay for sex.

As I’ve already debunked, many people who hold this opinion are, at heart, jealous.

Yes, jealous!

Just because someone else has the good sense to make themselves happy by paying for something that they might struggle to get, namely, sex.

To repeat, this isn’t to say that all escorts are prostitutes.

Men who pay escorts for sex shouldn’t be vilified, looked down upon or seen as losers.

But rather they’re men who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go out and get it.


There’s something immoral about women who get paid for sex.

Immorality is an often touted word.

One that many people have little idea of the meaning of, especially when they apply it to women who get paid for sex or accompany businessmen to social events.

Women who escort men or get paid for sex are usually very strong willed women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to get it.

When people claim these women are immoral, desperate or whatever, they overlook many things.

Especially their personal strengths that have empowered them to take charge of their lives and get what they want.

These arguments and misconceptions can be endless.

There are men and women out there who see otherwise.

After all, it’s simply a profession or a career for some individuals who take it seriously and practical enough to know what makes them happy.

And acting on it.


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Thomas Smith is a freelance writer and digital marketing specialist currently writing for Black Cat Parlour, an establishment in the adult entertainment industry based in Sydney.

Thomas – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

2 thoughts on “You’re Missing Out – 7 Common Misconceptions about Escorts”
  1. SIMP LEVEL 100. Lay off the soy, boy. Whats wrong with society is immoral women and weak men like this guy who enable them. There is nothing wrong with shaming whores and Johns who use them. I have been a John in the past and its disgusting. Society needs some standards you brain dead leftists.

  2. Being a escort is just another job, it is the oldest job since history and it will never change. People should accept it and not find it disgusting or a bad thing at all.

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