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Make the First Date Fun

Going on a first date with someone can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.

While some of us may know more than the others, we all have been in the dating area.

Going on a first date with someone — regardless if you have met them through a mutual friend or via a dating app — can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.

We seek advice from different people—friends, family—even to a point where we consult an expert via psychic chat to calm and remind ourselves that we can do it.

Consider yourself lucky today.

We have rounded up some of the most important questions you should ask on your first date while keeping the friendly, fun vibe in the air.

Most people say that an unplanned first date works wonders.

Be creative sometimes, and do not let your anxiety control the situation.


“How do you think your friends would describe you?”

You might find someone who is very outspoken, friendly, and outgoing, but that person may still find it totally difficult to talk about himself or herself.

Relationship experts believe that asking your date question so direct like this puts them in someone else’s shoe.

If you ask them this question, it gives them some kind of security of describing themselves from someone else’s point of view.

Not only this, you will also get to know how fun or otherwise they are.


“What is a single hobby you’ve always liked today and cannot live without?”

Asking your date this question allows you to peek in to his or her social circle.

This question is just the same as the question “What do you do when you want to have fun?”

Not only that this question lets him or her open up about the things he or she loves, but this is the time when you can check if your interests align and are compatible.

Do you both enjoy reading novels or listening to classical music all day?


But also watch out for when your date answers this question this way: “Uhm, I don’t actually do anything for fun.”

Perhaps this is a sign of insecurity or that he or she has not realized what he or she truly wants to do in life.


“What is one thing you’re really bad at?”

Perhaps you can ask this question after you are both comfortable with each other.

After a glass of wine?

You can start off by letting him or her know what you’re bad at, and try to let your guard down.

A sincere laughter also goes a long way.

You can say, “You know what, I find it really hard to dress up nicely, fashion trends always change so fast.

What is one thing you wish you were better at?”

Look into her or his eyes while listening.

Nothing beats a date when you know you are being heard and understood.


“A genie appears out of nowhere and wants to give you a superpower, what would it be?”

genie in a wine glass

This is a question we’ve been asked many a time, but we still find it difficult to answer.

Would your date want to fly or be invisible?

A clairvoyant, perhaps?

This questions lets you in to their humorous side, if they have, and you will also be able to understand more about their character.

Read between the lines, but do not overthink.

If they wish to be a mind reader, maybe they tend to be analytical.

If they wish to be able to fly, then they can be a really curious person.


“What are you exactly looking for in a relationship?”

Though, this question may not sound fun, but when asked in the right time, it can be a source of a really nice conversation.

First dates are for testing the waters.

Both of you wish to know many things, and would like some assurance for when you leave.

Is she looking for something short-term and casual, or is ready to commit to a long-term relationship?

This is an important question that needs to be asked every first date for it will also tell you whether or not to invest emotionally and time.

Misleading each other is a big no-no.

It is important that before you go further, all cards are laid down, and you know what you are looking for.


“Can you describe your best vacation?”

Asking this question gives you an idea of someone’s ideal vacation and what they like to do during holiday or spare time.

They can be adventurous if they like going on long trails and hikes.

But nothing is wrong about lounging on the beach, enjoying the sunset with a bottle of beer.

You can decide from here if this person matches your ideal holiday.

At the end of the day, knowing what things you are compatible with is important especially on first dates.


“What were you like growing up?”

This question, though many may consider personal, opens a lot of doors of knowledge.

If you date starts to tell stories about his or her family in a very enthusiastic way, it could mean he or she maintains a really great bond with the family.

Since not every one of us is born into a perfect family, do not be quick to judge.

This is the best time to ask about your date’s parents or siblings.

You will also be able to know if they were financially comfortable growing up, if their parents are separated, and so on. You will know many things about a person just by asking about the family where he or she came from. But be really cautious when asking this as some people may find it too straightforward and intrusive.


These are some of the questions you can definitely ask on your first date.

Remember to stay cool and do not overthink.

Let your date know you are having fun with him or her.

We hope this list gave you an idea of what to do the next time you go out there to see someone.

If you have dating stories you wish to share, don’t hesitate to leave them below.


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