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8 Obvious Signs She Is Cheating on You

In the modern world full of real and virtual temptations, infidelity becomes more and more crucial problem.

Many people realize that they don’t have to be committed to the same partner for a lifetime or even at the very same time.

Today, our dear friends from helped us gather top 8 facts that may signal your girlfriend is actually a cheater.


No time for private life in her schedule

Have you stopped spending weekends together, because she’s buried in work?

Everyone has his own duties and responsibilities, that’s obvious.

But what if your girlfriend is busy seven days a week? And things get even more complicated when she refuses to explain herself.

Having personal space is healthy, however, we’d advise you to keep your eyes open on possible perils!


She disappears for a long time

You suddenly lose her and her phone is off.

You are not allowed to impact her agenda anymore; you even barely know where she might be at the moment.

Perhaps, she tells you that she merely fell asleep, or had to manage some unexpected problems.

Although she may be honest, you`d better make sure. What if you stop taking those excuses as true and call your sweetheart to account?

Think about it.


She is on her phone all the time

Another vicious signal is her communication mode.

If you start noticing that she hides her correspondence and has over long chats with a male friend, or she leaves the room to answer a phone call, watch out!

The digital era makes us being immersed in the virtual world; however, you still have the right to claim your place in her heart unless you indeed have it.


She places the blame on you for her own sins

Say, your girlfriend becomes overly jealous for no reason, accuses you of being distant or even unfaithful.

That’s a normal behavior of a woman who is frightened of getting caught red-handed.

Instead of confession, she tries to lay the blame at your door.

And she definitely won’t be happy if you question her in return.


She starts upgrading her look

It is healthy for any woman to carry about her appearance, you should know it.

But sometimes, it may also be a sign that something is wrong between you two.

For example, she is not too concerned about having a splendid being around you but does the much extra job to appear better while going out with friends.

This may actually imply that she is into someone new.


She seems to be disinterested in sex

Routine is something that comes to everyone’s life.

And your sexuality is not an exception.

But what should you do if your partner refuses to make out every single night?

Maybe your sex life has become just tedious.

Or maybe, she has some other options for satisfaction.

Anyway, if you feel that your sex schedule becomes completely out of the norm, you have to talk it over.


She doesn’t have you in her plans for the future

Have you ever discussed your possible future life with her?

Like where you will get in next 5 years, what she expects from your relationship, etc.

Most girls of a certain age start looking for a man who will always stay by their side.

Women are naturally interested in having deep-rooted connections.

If your second half has never shown her interest in your joint future, you should be careful about it.


She becomes emotionally distant

You feel that she is not so excited about spending time together.

When you go out, she pays more attention to her phone or other people around you.

She avoids having intimate talks, starts hiding her personal secrets.

Moreover, she seems to feel anxious beside you.

That is a huge problem, you know. As no true relationship is possible without the mutual bond, your relationship may come to naught soon enough.

forget the cheating girlfriend
forget the cheating girlfriend

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