A Long Term Relationship Sex Life That Grows 1

Think Happiness Is Easy?

Good sex is all about communication

If you’re not married or in a long term relationship, it might be easy to think that personal happiness and relationship length have an inverse relationship.

There are certainly enough people out there complaining about their husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends.

Other people argue that a long term sex life cannot possibly be good.

They argue that variety and adventure are the keys to satisfying sex.

And while on this point I won’t argue, I will point out that both of these qualities can be found in a long term relationship.

It’s just got to be a priority of both partners.

bad sex is just bad
bad sex is just bad

Sexual relationships are changing.

People are growing up with more information about sex, and are generally more open minded.

This is a great thing for long term relationships, as each partner no longer has to suffer in silence, never getting to explore new sexual experiences.

There are lots of ways to approach a sex life with someone you’ve been with for a long time.

Regardless of what boundaries you place upon it, each good shared sex life will have certain qualities.


“GGG” stands for “Good, Giving, and Game”.

Good” means you know what you’re doing in bed, and are willing to work on areas where you might be a little deficient.

Giving” means that you aren’t focused solely upon your own pleasure. Instead, you work really hard to maximize your partner’s pleasure, even when that means forgetting your own.

Game” means you’re game to try new things. It means you’re up for anything, willing to go with your partner wherever their desires and sense of adventure might take you.

By this I don’t mean that you have to spend all day at the gym.

But if you have a long time relationship, especially if you are an exclusive partner, it’s important that you make an effort to remain fit and attractive.

You may be all the sex your partner ever gets in his or her life.

You may be the only sexual partner your SO wants in his or her life!

So stay fit and healthy.

They’ll likely return the favor.

Sexytime accessory and lingerie providers like 3Wishes can ensure that your fit and sexy assets are on display, for fun and play.


Good sex is all about communication.

If interpersonal communication between you and your partner is stuck in a rut, the sex isn’t going to be extraordinary.

Good communication starts outside of the bedroom, “off the field” so to speak. But good communication is also made a lot easier by good sex.

If you and your partner are having trouble in either area (communication or intimacy), try fixing the one with the other.


For sex to thrive, you need new experiences.

This may be as simple as going on vacation, getting out of town. Often, the sex you have in a new environment is the best sex of all.

There are plenty of other elements to the healthy, long term sex life. But these are some of the most important. I wish you a long life with lots of great sex throughout.

adventurous sex is healthy
adventurous sex is healthy


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A Long Term Relationship Sex Life That Grows 2

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