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Beware of Stranger Danger

Do you trust workmen who come to your door?

This is suppose to be a secure building, with only authorised people having access to each floor

I’m betting the majority of you do.

Especially if you’ve called upon their services to come out and fix a home problem.

Should you trust them and what precautions should be taken?

stranger danger - person wearing hooded jacket walking in bridge
stranger danger – a person wearing a hooded jacket walking on a bridge

The Story As To Why I’m Writing This

Recently, our secured apartment’s Body Corporate required all tenants to have a fire door inspection and contracted a reputable firm to carry these inspections out.

All tenants were notified of the date and told this was required by Australian law because of stranger danger.

On a nominated morning, around 10 am the buildings’ maintenance guy, John (who we value for his honesty and trustworthiness), knocked on the door.

He was accompanied by some other fellow who was doing the inspection.

John greeted my wife, Pam Papier, and said he had moved my electric lead in the car park – obviously, this other guy then knew my wife was in a partnership as well as she wears a wedding ring.

She was at home studying for her Justice Diploma.

Since this is supposed to be a secure building, with only authorized people having access to each floor, she opened the door and greeted both John and the inspector.

The inspection was done and they both left. No stranger danger yet but…


Here’s Where It Gets a Little Weird

Around an hour or so later, there was a further knock on the door.

Again, the building security meant authorized people on the door. Pam answered and was greeted by the Inspector.

He was alone this time.

He said he had forgotten to write down some number, needed for the inspection.


Weirdness #1

Well, forgive me for saying but I wouldn’t have thought there was all that much that needed to be recorded for a fire door inspection.

He is meant to be a professional inspector.

I’d have thought a record would include whether the door was tested and the identification of the door – not much else.

Why would this have been forgotten and why wasn’t he accompanied back to our unit by John Shepard.



Weirdness #2

Anyway, he then entered into some ‘small talk’ with Pamela as to what she was up to and whether she was having lunch.

He then asked ‘Would you mind if I asked you something?’ then ‘Oh, I’d better not’ and then ‘But you could ask me something’.

This is all quite odd for a professional to be doing.

Pam’s reply was ‘What do you expect me to ask?’.

He responds ‘Oh, never mind.’. He then left.

Weirdness #3

OK, whilst he might have been flirting with Pamela which, in a public place, would be somewhat acceptable behavior, doing so on a security floor which has limited access and the apartments are very sound-proof, I consider it to be a very serious situation.


Implied Trust Can Be Abused, Easily

Pam was placed in an unprotected situation by a person with ‘implied’ trust since he was initially introduced by the building’s trusted maintenance guy.

After the first inspection, this guy knew Pam was alone in the apartment. A real possibility existed that Pam could have attacked when she opened the door and then pushed inside.

No one would have even heard a scuffle since these apartments are reasonably soundproof and who knows how those sorts of situations end up.

  • Sure, Pam should have used the door’s peep-hole viewer to see who was there – though only tenants who live on the floor have access (normally).
    • If she didn’t see the maintenance guy, she should have called him.
  • Pam might have thought better of even engaging the guy in any conversation so it wasn’t viewed as any form of interest.

Good advice in hindsight though.


Who Are You Really Dealing With?

Do you really know?

The implied trust in these situations tricks the mind.

We’re always telling our children about ‘Stranger Danger’ yet, as adults, we’ll readily invite complete strangers into our homes, simply because they have a perceived authority.

Whether they have a shirt badge, we’ve enlisted their services or they’re initially introduced by someone else we trust.

We know nothing of their background, talent, and behavior.

Today’s news is awash with items like repairman rape, burglary, and theft. All stranger danger signals for adults to be aware of.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it to the end of the post. Here’s what you can do next:

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4 thoughts on “Adult Stranger Danger”
  1. I understand the point of posting this story – although why the accompanying picture?

    Shame it makes it look like scaremongering.

    1. Guess it's all in the eye of the beholder – danger comes in many forms and some involve violence.

      Thanks for your comment though. Sorry you think it looks like scaremongering – the intention was entirely different.

  2. If this happened, the fist thing I would do is complain to the body corp, then the building maintenance guy as this was a huge breach of security and probably the building by-laws.

    All the buildings I have lived in, contractors that have access to all the floors have always been escorted by the property manager.

    1. That's the sneaky part to this, I think. He did have access and was escorted, initially.

      I'm guessing he's made some excuse of forgetfulness and popped down to our floor to check this supposedly missing number – and then play out his game. Point is for people to be extra mindful of the potential danger.

      We'll certainly be taking it further with Body Corp – I'm grateful of how it's turned out which is Pam is safe and sound. It needs to be reported to ensure the behavior is stopped and no-one in the future is put in harm's way.

      Thanks so much for your comment too – appreciate you visiting and giving your opinions.

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