Any Chance Of A Relationship After Cheating?

You learned that your husband cheated on you.

You need to answer “Does your relationship still have a chance after the affair?

You feel like your world fell apart, your heart is torn from your chest because of grief.

You can’t seem to understand why this happened to you.

You seem to be shocked at how you got yourself in this situation.

You have to remember that you are not the only one suffering.

About sixty percent (60%) of men cheat.

And, as most say, it’s normal.

Life after cheating is terribly painful and hard.

You have a lot of questions but it seems that answers are scarce. And as you look at your husband, you see a very different person.

what is lacking to cause an affair

What is lacking to cause an affair?

Your relationship changed and your family is not at its usual pace.


What’s The Big Cheating Question?

The most crucial question that you need to answer is that “Does your relationship still have a chance after the affair?


Absolutely there is a chance for your relationship, even after this traumatic experience.

This might be the worst thing you can ever imagine, but here you are, and you can either choose to face this and hope for a better future or run away.

How do you rebuild the trust you build around your husband?

  • How are you going to believe him now?
  • How sure are you that what he says is true?
  • How sure are you that he still loves you?

Some say that when you really love the person, you can never do anything to hurt that person.

Cheating is included in the list of things that you shouldn’t do.

So what does this mean?

Does this mean he doesn’t love you?

mistakes happen that we regret - find the way to move forward and WIN

Mistakes happen that we regret – find the way to move forward and WIN


The Cheating Reasons.


There are different factors involved in why men cheat. And that doesn’t solely mean that your husband doesn’t love you. He may be distracted of some sort.

Remember that 80 percent of men would like to cheat.

It’s their nature.

You may have shed a lot of tears, sleepless nights, thrown fits of anger, blamed yourself too much but now is the time to choose.

  • Can you forgive him?
  • Will you forgive him?
  • Can you and will you forget his terrible deed?
  • How long will this haunt you?

Healing yourself after your husband’s affair is a process.


Can you have to do it together?

You and your husband must rebuild your family again, patch things up and start a new and different life. Because hard it may to admit, your relationship can never be the same again.

Here are some things you and your husband could do:

  • Talk – there will be loads of hot exchanges, tears, blaming, etc. but still talk.
  • Be open – do not hold things back. Be open about everything.
    • One of the reasons that might have led your husband to commit infidelity is your lack of openness.
    • Talk about your fears, your dreams, and your plans.
    • You might have misunderstandings that you are not aware of.
  • Set the rules – as a wife who’s been cheated on, you have to set the rules.
    • Set the guidelines.
    • Ask the questions and set standards on how he is supposed to answer your questions.
  • Forgive – there is nothing more you can do but forgive.
    • If he makes promises not to do it again, the find yourself to believe in him.
    • However, set the possible consequences if the same incident will occur.
    • Give yourself time to forgive.
    • It is in this way that you can heal properly.
  • Do you really think a relationship can survive cheating?
  • Would you forgive your partner if they cheated on you?
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