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Albert Einstein – Relationship Goodness

Who would have guessed that a patent clerk, turned world-renowned Physicist, would also be a relationship mentor?

Give up?

ego is dangerous in a relationship - albert knows
Ego is dangerous in a relationship
And Albert knew

Knowledge is a fantastic fundamental to possess, for all people. Is ego a good possession as well though?

Actually, ego is a dirty word … When it comes to intimate relations with those you love.

Ego can be helpful in a work environment when coupled with confidence.

Ego is never good when there’s too much of it though – it eventually consumes and overpowers.


Knowledge Is Better

Ego and Sharing are at odds with themselves though, when it comes to your partner.

  • This evasive emotion creeps it’s way into you thinking you’re better than your partner
  • Imbalance and upset begins
  • While your ego makes you artificially buoyant, resentment is now building within your partner
  • Your relationship is now doomed to fail
  • … Unless you pull your head from your arse


Convert Ego To Knowledge

Good old Albert Einstein was spot on.

  • Be safe in the knowledge that equality between two lovers is the state of balance you seek.
  • Understanding each other is valuable relationship knowledge that builds solid foundations.
  • Do you know their passions?
  • What really turns them on … I mean really! Visa versa too


Word Of Caution

knowledge is power over someone else

How you wield that power, is entirely up to you. If you remain with egocentric motivations, you’re like to damage your significant other by using knowledge that has been entrusted to you, and you alone.

And you know that once trust has been lost, you will never get it back so don’t be stupid.

do or not do there is no try
DO let go of your own ego
There is no TRY!


Enable Yourself To Be Better Than You Are Now

  • Have a thirst to drink the knowledge with your partner: and do it in a loving and kind way.
  • Keep the ego outside the home (and relationship) and you’ll understand how strong relationships are built.


Over To You

Now that we’ve reached the bottom, here’s what you can do next:

  • What’s your thought on ego’s place in a relationship?
  • Do you feel there CAN be a balance with ego and knowledge?
  • Do you have an experience where ego got out of control in one of your relationships?
  • Click one of the Share buttons – your friends can then enjoy this article too.

And thanks for reading too – I’ll see you in the comments.

Albert Einstein Was A Relationship Counsellor 1

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8 thoughts on “Albert Einstein Was A Relationship Counsellor”
  1. Haha – I like it Geek!

    According to Abraham Maslow (of the famous Maslow’s hierarchy of needs), Einstein was one of the few people who was self-actualized. He described this as “what a man can be, he must be”, which is interesting in view of the ego. The ego is seen to be the pseudo-selves (in psychology). It’s all well and good to have pseudo-selves, as long as we know who our true-self is; i.e. we are self-actualized.

    In marriage counselling I do a lot of work with people to help them become self-actualized, to let go of their egos (pseudo-selves) and find their true meaning. Only then can you be honest to a partner. This is a key foundation for any enduring relationship.

    I’ve written a bit more on this topic at:


    1. Hey David. Mate, I must apoligise in not replying as I thought I had done.
      Your comment really was interesting to me and I’d love a guest post on it, to explore it further.
      From what you say though, there’s also the challenge of ego creeping in and you thinking you are who you’d like to be as opposed to who you really are, yes?

  2. Wonderful post my friends – I love this and so very true: “And you know that once trust has been lost, you will never get it back so don’t be stupid.”…. thanks for the reminder. I needed that reminder today!

    E.G.O. Like Dr. Wayne Dyer states, Eding God Out….. also another wonderful message from the brilliant Einstein is: Imagination is more important than knowledge. So let’s get together and get creative….

    In gratitude,

    1. We’re here to make your day, Nancy so Pam and I are grateful in knowing the words made a difference in someone’s life. True that on imagination – it’s probably the true source of initial knowledge anyway so Albert was spot on.

      Good idea on getting together and getting creative.

  3. A lovely post! Thoroughly enjoyed flowing with this post.The ego is like a rust, which is fatal for relationships, career or anything under the sun. When ego comes, it destroys everything. Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. Small things explained with great words, that is all I can say about this post I just read above. Thanku for showing me the light mate :)

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