Sexy Women Come in All Shapes AND Ages

I was asked the other day this question, given the fact I’d just been through the dating game which ended wonderfully with my marriage to my wife.

Are Women Over 40 Still Considered Sexy?

Well, I’m all for healthy relationship activities and, for me, I eventually discovered that younger women were actually far more immature for me.

It turns out, for me, not to be sexy OR desirable.

It’s great ego boost when I did date younger women.

Younger women were on a different outlook than I was though.

It is an interesting question and one I’d immediately answer a resounding ‘Yes’.

Yes, with caveats though, since everyone has differences and the woman that you meet must certainly be the right person that you imagine is your perfect partner.


What Are You Looking For?

Now, if you are a guy out there dating, it’s important to map out the characteristics that you are looking for.

The person who you ideally want to call ‘ soul mate ‘. Personally, I love mindmaps and used them to map out who it was I wanted to come into my life.

The reason for this is it gets you thinking without ending up with the same person you previously were with, but in a different body.

Attracting your own sexy women into your life with mindmapping

Start off with the core basics – this is a starting point.
Yours should be a little different, depending on your core values.
Sexy women could soon be knocking on your doorstep :)

How many times have you heard of someone getting divorced and remarrying a person who ends up having all the crap personalities traits of the divorced person?

You know why?

There’s been no thought given to who it is you want so you attract what’s already in your mind – and that’s typically the previous partner.

When I was dating, I was really only attracting sexy women who were meeting my ‘criteria’.

The dating relationships ended up all meeting more than 90% of the criteria – that was an amazing thing for me to witness for the very first time, don’t you think?


I was sure to tweak the criteria when it either made little sense or I needed to add something as I went through a relationship.

It’s great to do it as you’re constantly thinking of the person you’re wanting.

My analogy is the process is like buying a particular type of car.

Suddenly, you’re always seeing the same car type everywhere you go.

What’s happening here is your mind is in an alert status.

Your radar is going and all loaded up with what you’re looking for.


And For Women Over 40 – What’s Sexy Anyway?

I find women over 40 to be mature, sensible and usually quite stable.

Some of them are also carrying ‘life baggage’ and you need to be attune to this and determine whether the baggage is too much for your partnership to bear.

And it’s fine to end a relationship due to baggage – you’re the one needing to be primarily happy.

I know the mere thought of a guy in his 40s or 50s dating a woman in her 20s or 30s is certainly appealing – you know what I mean with tight firm bodies, the ego trip that typically goes along with the age difference and younger women oft times idolise older guys.

My opinion was my preference was to have a woman around my age, with a tight firm body, was attractive and with little baggage – of course I can have that.

And that’s exactly the relationships I was attracting – you just have to be open for it to happen.

The world is filled with your perfect partner – multiple perfection is awaiting providing you’re open and accepting for the possibility of your partner coming from just about anywhere.

It’s exactly like an opportunity – they can come in any form, from anywhere and at anytime.


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