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21 08, 2013
  • arguments can ruin your relationship

Something’s Gotta Give: How To Avoid Serious Conflict In A Relationship

August 21st, 2013|2 Comments

Being in a healthy relationship means being able to deal with conflicts as they arise without making things more difficult than they have to be.

16 07, 2013
  • dating age differences

Age Differences: How Much Is Too Much?

July 16th, 2013|15 Comments

Can There Really Be TOO Many Years? Age difference in relationships is a contentious issue. How much is too much of a gap? Dating can be a minefield.

14 06, 2013
  • be wise when dating and you are older

Online Dating Mistakes Seniors Need To Avoid

June 14th, 2013|12 Comments

Seniors who aren’t used to using the internet for romance need to bear a few things in mind. Proper dating profiles & searches to name a few - read more.

17 05, 2013
  • love and romance never dies

Life Over 50: Keeping The Romance Alive

May 17th, 2013|5 Comments

Romance is important for any relationship, whether you’ve just got together or you’re celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary. Keep things interesting.

7 05, 2013
  • improve the relationship by a gift

Gifts Are Important In A Relationship

May 7th, 2013|19 Comments

I can hear those guys sighing in the back, over there. They’ve always known it. Forget to get the lady a gift on the ‘anniversary of the day you first noticed me’ and they’re cooked. If you want to know just how important gifts are in a relationship, take a poll of the millions of twenty and thirty-something, long suffering guys.

11 04, 2013
  • happy over 50 dating couple

Rules For Dating When You’re Over 50

April 11th, 2013|0 Comments

Iif you’ve been single for a while, the world of dating can feel like a confusing world to re-enter when you're over 50. These are simple and easy tips.

1 04, 2013
  • relax and destress

Five Best Ways In How To DeStress Your Life

April 1st, 2013|3 Comments

Life gets busy and we're constantly looking for the best ways in how to destress our life and live with harmony and peace. These tips will get you started.

24 02, 2013
  • breathtaking romance getaway

Romantic Getaway To Get Your Relationship Back On Track

February 24th, 2013|5 Comments

Whatever your idea of a perfect holiday, Portugal should certainly be on list of choices if you are planning a romantic break.

14 02, 2013
  • Romantic island wedding

Planning Your Wedding On An Island – No, It’s Not Just Crazy Talk!

February 14th, 2013|0 Comments

Weddings are more than picking/sending invitations, selecting flowers and making sure the napkins match. Have you considered an Island Wedding?

12 02, 2013
  • Don't Mess With Me

The Number One Way to Protect Yourself From Sexual Assault

February 12th, 2013|9 Comments

Say 'No!' To Sexual Assault. Sexual assault is a crime of opportunity. Predators seek out vulnerable people who put themselves in compromised positions.