1704, 2018
  • online or real - what's best

Dating Online vs. The Real Life: Which Is Better For Men?

By |Dating, Lifestyle|

Don't jump right into an actual date with flowers, dinners, movies. and Online dating might even be what's best for you.

2403, 2018
  • smartphones can make you

Is Your Smartphone Ruining Your Relationship?

By |Relationship Advice, Technology|

They are small, lean, stylish, and capable of an amazing variety of things. But smartphones interrupt interactions - conversations, meals, leisure time - and start to make relationships go downhill.

2203, 2018
  • keep the balance

Relationship Advice You Need to Follow In Order To Keep It Steady

By |Relationship Advice, Communication, Relationship Advice for Men, Relationship Advice for Women|

Every person needed some sort of relationship advice at least once in their lives. Instead of reading relationship advice quotes, read this article that will give you some valuable insight.

210, 2017
  • happy couple

Top 10 Habits of all Happy Couples

By |Blogs|

Check out the top ten habits of happy couples. All happy relationships have those involved doing most of this stuff. Are you? Read and discover.

2609, 2017
  • Will You Be Able To Follow The Military Diet Plan With The Discipline Of A Soldier? 1

Will You Be Able To Follow The Military Diet Plan With The Discipline Of A Soldier?

By |Lifestyle, Health|

The military diet plan is indeed one of the most convenient and effective diet plans which promise you fast results. We can tell you why.

3105, 2017
  • taking risks

Are Men or Women the Bigger Risk-Takers?

By |Lifestyle|

Men have traditionally been the risk-taking half of the tribe or family, going out and risking their lives to hunt for dinner. Science dares to disagree with the eon-long tradition.

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