I had such a huge A-HA moment, only a few days ago.


Let me tell you about that

And what caused it for me.

‘If you don’t do, you won’t get’

Last weekend, I was having a coffee with Tetka Rhu – Goddess of Spirituality.

We’ve got quite a few mutual projects peculating away that are going to have such a huge impact on both men and women.

We were all chatting away and Tetka mentioned something about a method of ‘problem resolution’ as well as ‘guidance’ that she called ‘breathing in’.

OK, I first thought, I know what breathing is – it’s inhaling oxygen into your lungs.

What I didn’t understand was what it has to do with spirituality so I proceeded to question her at length as my logical little brain needed to understand what she was talking about as I certainly did perceive there was incredible value to be had in it.

It’s breathing in in not only the physical sense but also actively thinking of the thought of the idea and think of it permeating through all the cells of your body.

It’s a little like meditating your body and crossed with the Law of Attraction.

So now I understood the concept and decided to actively put it into practise.

That old saying of ‘If you don’t do, you won’t get’.


The Breathing In Play

So Geek and Jock are putting together some Male Energy Affirmations which we’ve already recorded and I wanted to overlay a calming, soothing piece of music to tie the affirmations together.

As it turned out, I was chatting to Tetka on Skype and she simply said ‘Breath in the thought of finding the right music and it will pop right out at you’.

At this point, understand the affirmations are being called ‘Balance Buzz’.

I’m looking through some Creative Commons music, googled it and opened around a half dozen different music sites in my browser tabs.

I quickly went from one site, failed to instantly find anything interesting, closed the tab and checked out the next.

As it turned out, the last site left was actually the first one I opened.

And the first album displayed sounded right in the ballpark.

I opened the album which went into auto-play as I started reading about the artist.


Here’s the kicker

In the back of my mind, I was thinking ‘Wow, that music sounds just right’ and I looked over to check out the song and guess what the name of that song was? ………. ‘Balance’

Apart from nearly wetting my pants, my eyes were literally popping out with a gaze at that name.

I picked the song which is now part of our ‘Balance Buzz’ affirmations.


Your Turn

Now that’s a Wow Aha moment if ever I had one – power to the breathing is all I can say and power to affirmations too.

Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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