24 11, 2013
  • be happy by making your man happy

10 Surprising Ways to Please Your Man

November 24th, 2013|4 Comments

Ladies, the way to a man's heart doesn't have to be between his legs. These 10 tips on how to please your man are guaranteed to keep him tied to you.

16 10, 2013
  • foods to spice up love life

What Foods Can Really Spice up Your Love Life?

October 16th, 2013|1 Comment

Bad nutrition affects your hormones & slows your libido. The sooner you realize that, the better your sex life would be (at least it was in my case).

26 09, 2013
  • Don't wear a fake grey mask

Fifty Shades of Grey: Differentiating Between Fantasy and Reality

September 26th, 2013|5 Comments

Fifty Shades of Grey Exposed: Christian Grey is better off in our fantasies than in real life. Differentiate between fantasy & reality and really live!

19 09, 2013
  • couple playing roles

Spice Things Up For The Better

September 19th, 2013|2 Comments

Do you think you’re not free enough in your relationship? It’s not a necessity to share everything but it is to share things you want to do in bed.

7 08, 2013
  • aren't sex workers just workers

Prostitutes – Aren’t They Really Good For a Relationship?

August 7th, 2013|8 Comments

Prostitution has always got a bad rap in society but aren't they really supplying a personal service that could be viewed as being good for a relationship?

27 07, 2013
  • natural foods for sexual enhancement

How To Increase Your Sex Drive or Libido

July 27th, 2013|4 Comments

11 helpful and informative tips and tricks to increase your sex drive or libido. Improve sex drive in men and women drastically improves relationships.

10 07, 2013
  • masturbation health awareness

Is Masturbation Healthy? Taking Matters Into My Own Hands With Joy

July 10th, 2013|15 Comments

Is Masturbation Healthy? Yes Indeed! After years in a sexless relationship, a divorcee finally discovers the joy and meaning of masturbation.

8 07, 2013
  • the road to happiness and love

Does a Committed Relationship Really Make Us Happy?

July 8th, 2013|19 Comments

I call out singles who don't truly believe that a committed relationship is where they really want to be. Loving partnerships are a humans place in life.

30 06, 2013
  • thinking kinky sex is healthy

Creative Kinky Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

June 30th, 2013|7 Comments

Kinky and consensual sex between 2 adults is healthy sex. It can be expensive but here's some great tips to make it an affordable reality. Enjoy pleasure!

27 05, 2013
  • married women cheat too

Reasons Why Women have Affairs with Married Men

May 27th, 2013|3 Comments

Extramarital affairs are nothing new. There are many married women nowadays interested in having affair with man and here are few reasons of the affairs.