growth in a relationship like 2 peas in a pod

Change Is Evolution

Real love changes everything
Real love changes everything

You often hear that age old saying from one partner to another ‘If you really love me, you shouldn’t want me to change’.

It’s true to a point.


A relationship with someone is far more than operating individually.

Some people might act that way but they’ve got the definition of what a partnership or relationship really is.


Change Is Love

Question: Do you want your love to increase or whither?
Answer: Increase, of course! D’oh

And therein lies the real meaning of you wanting to change.

Not because someone is forcing you to but for the evolution of your love.

Your own love for yourself and the love you share with your partner.


Change Is For Humans

If we weren’t meant to change and evolve, we’d all still be crawling around the floor like babies.

They have the innocent common-sense to recognise they need to be better than they are.

Relationships are exactly like that.

Do you honestly think a relationship isn’t meant to grow into something better than it’s parts?

Growth means self-awareness of areas that you know need adjustment.

Growth means trusting your partner to help you become self-aware.

Growth means actually doing something about your repeating patterns of bullshit in your personal life as well as failures in past relationships.

If you keep getting the same outcomes, you need to alter something significant within yourself. Trusting an invested partner is your first step towards brilliance.

Never a truer word said about change
Never a truer word said about change


Change Is For Kindred Spirits

Despite a recent personal disaster, I still hold true to the belief that with the right person watching your back through life, you BOTH will attain significant rewards that go well beyond those you could do individually.

Despite 3 years of lies and deception, my trust in real love remains. Don’t let one rotten apple spoil your harvest

I refrain from mentioning attaining ascendence :)

Finding your soulmate isn’t always easy and you’ll likely move through a number of relationship before that special person is revealed. It will happen if you hold fast on your path and intentions.

The lesson to learn is change brings rewards. Change is a good thing.

Evolve yourself and be proud your partner wants to be a part of it as well as their own.

You are two peas in the same pod, aren’t you?

Makes sense to keep watering for the harvest, don’t you think?

What do you think?

Change Is Good For The Partnership Soul 1

Enjoying newly found freedoms in South-East Asia, Martin is a down to earth, honest, quirky humor, compassionate and upfront kinda guy. Easy going and love to laugh. Into good food, wine and great company. I’ll talk and try to help anyone.
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Martin Cooney – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

4 thoughts on “Change Is Good For The Partnership Soul”
  1. Beautiful words of wisdom, Martin.
    You must be really hurting at the moment with Pam being so deceptive to you and what you thought was something special.
    It is never too late to try again and look for what is real. Better late than never but I know it’s probably hard to see it at the moment.
    As you often say, keep moving forward past all the rubbish of the past. Love the post and your thoughts.

    1. Cool you liked the words, Nicky.
      You have no idea at the depth of deceipt of Pam’s undermining, with the first I now know of as soon as 3 months after we were married, with some guy on Facebook and Skype. That whole story is sitting in draft and won’t be published, I hope.

      I wrote this more as an affirmation of conviction really. As a way to purge the bitterness, see the light of what needs to be real in the world and move past the sociopathic BS that I’ve had to live with. The first step to a new awakening, in my mind.
      Again, nice you liked what I had to say.

      1. Oh wow. Words to live by and most of the time we don’t, do we?
        Love you attitude to this Martin and so very sorry you’ve found even more sabotage from Pam. That must have been a gut wrenching thing for you to deal with.
        She was just out to play you for whatever she could get and leave and that is something I can’t understand with people. But these types of nasty people are out there so we need to watch our backs. Heal and move forward, my friend.
        I’d love to know the man she was sexing up on Facebook to look the bast**d up – what an a**hole!

        1. Hey Charles – good to see you back here, mate.
          Well, not to give too much away but you can search for Jeff Brown and SoulShaping on Facebook to see the woman-centric egotictical guy that played a part in all this. Not worth your effort in spending too much energy on someone that has a leaning towards taking advantage of females who are is main following. Sad. Pathetic. Gut Wrenching. SoulShaping for sure.

          What did you get from the post, more to the point? What did these thoughts mean to you?

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