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Brand New and We Need YOU!

You’ll now notice a new Community section in the site.

What’s a Community Area For Anyway?

Great question and I’m glad you asked.

Without an engaged community, our 4 year old website has remained almost like a one-way street i.e. we write articles that we love to write and you guys see them advertised and come over and read them. Then most of you leave for another site, with perhaps slightly different content.

With the community, we’re making things more like a home where you can connect with likeminded individuals and share and swap tall tales around the virtual campfire.

Your Voice Is Important

Whether you realise it or not, your voice and opinions WILL help others.

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Think of it this way, there’s no user manual for relationships or how we get better at them with ourselves and with others and especially so with our loved ones.

Your fellow Community Members are the same as you BUT with different experiences that you can learn from and they can learn yours from you. That’s community spirit!

It’s Growing In Features Too

At this point, click through the links below and discover what’s possible for the moment: