Build It and They Will Come

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A community is nothing without the passion of (and in) that community's people.

You're here because (I think) you like what we've been doing and can see potential in improving us as well as yourselves in the wide and diverse area of relationships. And all the areas in our lives that a relationship touches on. It's a big gooey package of challenges.

Invite and Grow Together

A great social and community building feature is the Invite Anyone / Send Invites

You're able to send direct email invitations to people that you know, to come join you and us, in growing the community, sharing our knowledge and building something wonderful.

How Do You Send An Invite?

What I do is click on my profile image that's displaying in the Recently Active Members widget that you can see.

What that will do is take you directly to your own profile details and settings.

Send Invites Menu Item

Click the Send Invites Menu Item

Next comes the quick-to-complete form and that can be as simple as up to 5 email addresses (as the remainder is pre-filled out)

Quick to complete the invitation options

Quick to complete as mostly pre-filled for you.
Test it out with a few email addresses to start with.

And that's it, all done. You've sent invitations to people you know to come over and join you in our Community.

Go test it out for yourself.

P.S You can even track whether those invitations have been accepted too.

Check how those Invites Are Going

Check How Those Invites Are Going