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Start Private If You Want Too!

Sometimes in any relationship or community, you simply want to ask a private question of someone.

Think of it as a subtle whisper, just to get some clarity so you might not look silly :)

We all do it and it's perfectly OK. I get lots of them which I love.

But Is It OK To Do?

Oh yeah, it is!

Listen, when you're first wandering around and exploring, you might see someone is a member of one of the Community Groups and just need some opinion on whether you should join.

The quick answer is to shoot a Private Message and just ask a quick question – no-one is gonna bite and you might just make a new friend too.

The Quick How-To

It's a relatively easy matter of clicking on the member's Profile. A few ways you can do that too.

1. Get a list of members from the main menu

private message a community member

Grab a list of members from the main menu

2. Or simply click any other member's profile picture in the sidebar, as an example.

3. Once you're looking at their Profile information, you'll also notice a blue Private Message button as well.

Where is the private message button

There is that sneaky Message Button that you want to click on.

And you'll also notice you can make Friends too with the one of the other buttons :)