• Very true, we are all different and we all have opinions, specifications, needs and wants that cater to who we are. Finding out what those things are is crucial.

  • YES KEN! These little moments in life can make a world of difference. Looking back at the little moments that occur in our lives can actually be the most memorable ones.

  • Dan this are very true words! Nothing else like it in the work as feeling the reciprocation of love.

  • Yes! This is what its all about, if you can get the balance of being with each other and your own personal space, it is truly blissful.

  • Very true Vianney!! Being thankful is what it's all about! And at the same time a humbling experience.

  • Awesome!!! Thank you so much for the kind words! I definitely agree with Martin as well on this…Anyone in a relationship should do these things! :)

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  • Yvonne its always important to remember that and healthy! Our time to be able to do “our own thing” is enjoyable and a necessity, allowing us to reflect on everything.

  • John, thank you so much for the kind words, Marriage is an amazing thing, and congratulations on the 38 years of it! :)

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