• Hello Mitch.

    Yes, I do still have some parts of myself I find difficult to share. However my partner is very good at listening and being open to new things so I feel comfortable sharing almost everything. The […]

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  • ThumbnailBehind The Mask – The Beginning

    When I first started dating I really didn’t know how weird I was.

    I mean, I seemed perfectly normal to myself.

    My family pretty much accepted me for who I was and even […]

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  • I think it all depends on what kind of people you are. If the man is very traditional he might be offended if the woman proposes first.

    Another thing to watch out for is that many men feel the need to be ‘in […]

  • These are some great ways to show your partner that you love them. Every person has a different need for affections. Some like gifts, some like words, some like you to do things for them and others just like to be […]

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  • I agree with you that it is all about enjoying the little moments in life. Not everything can be great all the time but if you learn to appreciate the small things you will not get so overwhelmed and focused on your problems.

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