• Beautiful work Martin.

    Probably the most elegant piece of writing I have ever read in regard to such an otherwise painful experience.
    I think it's great that you have been living a life of rediscovery – and I […]

  • Martin,

    I think this is great!
    I know it's been a challenging year. But what you have chosen to DO with your circumstances…to me…is a sign of emotional intelligence.
    Look – we all have the option to play […]

  • Hi Melissa,

    This is a great topic.
    I can admit that after my wedding, I became terribly depressed.
    The sadness lasted for weeks – and I think it had to do with having so many of my loved ones around in the […]

  • Martin,

    I have little to no doubt (although some may not agree with me and that's ok) that not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime.

    People (expressions of all there is) change, grow and evolve. If […]

  • ‘Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are'.
    LOVE that.

    It can be tough to step outside of our emotions and take the position of the observer. In relationships – and life in […]

  • Hi Bella,
    Glad to help.
    Cardio is great for cardiovascular benefits. It helps to train the heart to eject more blood with each pump – therefore distributing more oxygen throughout the body. Strength training actually strengthens the outer perimeter of the heart muscle itself – making it a stronger pump. Both are great for overall cardiovascular…[Read more]

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  • Dana posted a new activity comment 6 years ago

    I don't know about other countries – but in America, there are no specific requirements as to who can call themselves a trainer.
    When I was looking for online certification programs, before actually physically attending a school for personal training…I found ‘certification programs' that would cost a few bucks, have you take an easy exam and…[Read more]

  • Dana posted a new activity comment 6 years ago

    Hi Bella. Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm glad you liked the post – as I enjoyed writing it :)

    Great to meet you

  • Hi Bella,

    I believe I am qualified to answer your question :)

    Regardless of whether you are male or female, if you're a beginner to exercise, it's wise to start slow. But first, let me demystify a couple of things…

    First – women don't normally bulk up the way men do, so strength training is great and will give you shape and lean mass. As a…[Read more]

  • Hi Sandra,

    I love the idea of watching a workout video to inspire motivation to exercise. I have used this tip – and written about it as well. It works beautifully :)

    Sometimes, it takes seeing what we're […]

  • Beautiful post Martin.
    The communication aspect is so important. I used to deny myself the opportunity to express my thoughts often because I was afraid of being “proven wrong”. And since I don't exactly love […]

  • Hey Martin,

    Ahhh, relationships. They sure do spark up some interesting emotions don't they?

    Speaking for myself, I've benefited from being both single and married – which I am now.
    Being single had its […]

  • Hi Jessica,
    Yep – that's a good way to look at things. What we resist persists – so if we're aching for some relationship to happen…we usually push it away…like anything else we want, but don't […]

  • ThumbnailWhat's Out There For ME?
    I remember the days of thinking that everything I had ever wanted was “out there somewhere”.

    The perfect body, financial situation and of course, partner were out of my reach and […]

  • Hi Ashley,

    While I haven't personally had to make the choice described in this post, I find this to be an interesting topic. I think we tend to complicate things by creating labels and definitions on what's […]

  • Great advice for anyone of any age group involved in online dating.

    I met my husband online – 12 years ago! I took safety precautions – and thankfully things worked out fine.
    You covered some need to know […]

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  • Haha…Dude, your old boss – and the co-workers who didn't like you did you a favor.
    I wasn't very popular in school. The kids made fun of me and put me down from the time I was in nursery. I took it with me all […]

  • You two are so cool! I'm so glad I have gotten to know you both :)

    Martin, as I read your words, in my head, I heard Bill Hicks talking about how life is just a ride.

    It's tough to see people out there do […]

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