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  • Mind Games That Can Work

    The road to love and maintaining relationships isn’t always a smooth ride.

    Relationships can easily break down, have issues, get stuck in a rut or just simply go through a bit of a […]

  • Hey Martin,
    Thanks for your interest. Without getting into a whole sales pitch here, part of what NLP does is to help you understand how you process information to arrive at your actions or decisions. In the case […]

  • Hey Martin, I think it's down to the individuals involved…it's a question of attitude or maybe I should say a youthfulness of mind. This is why age gaps don't make a difference for lots of couples. Others may be […]

  • Long distance relationships can certainly work – I've seen several successful ones amongst my clients and friends. The world is getting smaller and the barriers to communication are coming down, but I would […]

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  • You've hit the nail on the head in saying that some people are more mature than their years and others are young at heart – this cancels out the age-gap effect in many cases

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