• Well I'll be!! I had no idea, thanks for the insight Martin and Mitch.

    I am not romantically interested in him at all. His behavior back in July solidified my decision to remain uninterested.

    I was just curious about his recent behavior; it was weird to see this side of him. He always portrays himself as a nice guy, and the fact that he acted…[Read more]

  • Hey Martin!

    Remember the guy I mentioned on this thread??

    I thought we were friends but I don’t know what happened. He’s been acting weird!!!

    Friday I was busy doing work, when he walked over waving his hand in front of my face, asking me what i’m doing, etc. So I stop what i’m doing to talk to him. Then Saturday, I see him at a party, I walk…[Read more]

  • Genuinely Confused started the topic Why does he say "haha" at everything I say via text? in the forum Men 7 years, 2 months ago

    Every Friday there is a lunch event for members in a club that this guy and I are a part of.
    We sometimes have a low turn out, so I contacted a few people via facebook that initially said they were interested and asked for their confirmation in attending the lunch.

    This was in April, I never met him at a lunch event but he had expressed interest…[Read more]

  • Hi Martin,

    My apologies for the late response, I've been a bit busy with work recently.
    First let me say, thank you for the advice. I appreciate your thoughts and opinion on this rather ambiguous matter. I haven't had a chance to implement it but I don't think I need to anymore.

    I think he was just being friendly. I saw him (henceforth “him”…[Read more]

  • Brace yourself, I wrote a lot…. :) …. :

    I met this guy 3 weeks ago at a social event for professionals. It was my first time going to an event hosted by this group and I was exceedingly nervous as most of these people were exceptionally well educated and accomplished professionals in their respective fields. So I spent a majority of the…[Read more]