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    • Hey Andrea or Adam. You have an interesting profile info. Are you looking to be an active member and/or a contributor too?

      • Hello

        I was hoping to be an active member. I would like to work with you and promote the website I work for (www.sextoys123.co.uk) –

        I would like to offer you either guest blogging with a link back or some free products to review and link back to us.

        Please let me know what you think about this.

        Kind Regards

        • Well, we'd like you to be active too :)
          Some people fail to realise how really working together can be a huge gain for both which is why we introduced our Invite Anyone feature.
          You see that the more ‘real' people you invite to join us here, the more viral the site becomes and the more value, traffic and authority your guest article links gain.
          So sure, we'd be over the moon to help once you do the same. Just check the blue box in the ‘Write for Us' menu link on how best to start Andrea