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    The Health Forum has languished for quite some time now. I hope it gains more vitality with our new Community Groups and Community Forums.

    That said, I'd love to introduce you to a wonderful new GeekandJock member and Guest Blogger, Dana Gore. We connected through our mutual passions, one of them being blogging and telling our stories.

    What's great about Dana is her eBook – A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety – one that people really interested in health, exercise and safety will surely be checking out on Amazon.

    And if you'd like to read Dana's first guest post, it's about that universal search for The One In Your Life.

    • Happy to be part of the group! And thanks for mentioning the book. It's amazing what we overlook in regard to the safety aspects of exercise.
      I had no idea of many of the concepts covered in the book until I went to school for personal training.
      Awareness is our friend :)

      • Oh my pleasure Dana @mrsdeegee – I remember back in the day when I started lifting heavy free weights, the so-called trainers at the gym were crap (in hindsight). Under their instruction, I tore some tendons and was off training for 3 months – the dickheads!
        Well, it was a good thing as I did my own research during that time and became far more aware and in control of my own destiny.
        So good result in the end.

        • Can't say I'm surprised to hear it. One of the graduates of the school I went to is a former Mr. Universe winner. He repeatedly says that if he'd had a proper understanding of the human body during the days when he competed, he would have avoided the injuries he sustained.
          Exercise can be a rewarding practice when certain principles are understood. It can, unfortunately, also be an unforgiving example of what lack of awareness results in.

          • Wait til you get to my age :)
            I've now switched to only doing body weight exercises so it's always convenient and requires zero equipment or a gym. Way better for my lifestyle and it's all recorded and timed by my iPhone. Yeah, I'm a Geek :)
            My biggest concern is the number of unaware personal trainers that tout how good they are when they're really not – that's what got me caught, thinking I was in the hands of a professional. Better to be prepared with knowledge and that's the good thing about your book, Dana

        • What happened to you is pretty common since it happened to me many years ago when I first joined the gym at the yacht club. Needless to say the uneducated pinhead trainer didn't last long.

          • I don't know about other countries – but in America, there are no specific requirements as to who can call themselves a trainer.
            When I was looking for online certification programs, before actually physically attending a school for personal training…I found ‘certification programs' that would cost a few bucks, have you take an easy exam and ‘award' you a certification.
            And even then – certified doesn't mean qualified ;)

    • This looks great Hope things get more lively here too! I am really into health and wellness. Especially the medical and nutrition part in school for nursing so this area is really of great interest.