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  • Sorry I missed replying to you here, Adriana
    Sounds like you and your husband found the right formula to move forward, together and that's kind of rare in relationships.
    Congrats and keep doing magic stuff together

  • pamela allen at australia zoo-1

    I loved her with all I had to give.

    play atpretend to be, give the appearance of, assume/affect the role of, pass oneself off as, masquerade as, profess to be, pose as, impersonate, make out, fake, feign, simulate, affect, go through the motions of; N. Amer. informal make like.


    Update #1
    When You Call It Quits ..
    I was forcibly told to ‘just get out' by the person I thought was the ‘The Soulmate of My Life'.

    Days after, I packed up the majority of my stuff and left a relationship I tried so desperately to make work.

    What I didn't count on was one of my hard drives was also previously used as Pam's backup Time Machine hard drive.

    So just a few short months after we were married, Pamela Allen (or Pam Papier, Pamela Williams, Pamela Lakey, Pam Cooney or whoever is next on the list) has continued a conversation with Jeff Brown who is suppose to be a spiritual guru.

    When I say ‘spiritual', I mean chatting with Pamela going to Canada to have her ‘vaginal juices licked out' by him, for days.

    That's really putting your heart and soul into making a marriage and relationship work out.

    Hindsight Facts
    Before you head into what looks to me (and everyone I've shown) as a flagrant disregard for marriage albeit more-so flirtatious manipulation, keep in mind the following:

    Pam mentioned to her son, Nicholas and myself (about 6 months ago) that she was initially attracted to me, primarily as I was the CEO of a business.

    mindmap and thoughts on how we need to succeed

    Click for Larger View

    After thoroughly studying my Facebook profile when we first met, online.
    I was always under the impression it was personal attraction.

    No wonder Pam never wanted to talk about our initial mutual attractions.

    That business was a start-up called Cashflow Community Debit Card.

    It ‘had the potential' for enormous returns and wealth.

    Cashflow Community failed in the last days of December 2009.

    The stomach churning BS you are about to read, between Pam Allen and Jeff Brown, started on December 25, 2009 – Merry Christmas, huh?
    We were only married in November, 2009
    And in the last days of this marriage, Pam confided in her cousin, Maureen from Sydney, that the relationship started with a lie.

    Well, there's a big Hello moment, for everybody. The start-up business didn't go according to plan?

    Go read and line up the dates for yourself.

    Jeffrey Brown: 11:51:56kisses to your bellyPam: 11:51:58When I arrive in Canada hahah

    Jeffrey Brown: 11:50:12i still owe you a weekend shagPam: 11:50:31hehehe not now

    Not a word about wanting to work anything out
    Or making a home with me and moving forward.
    Tease yet another guy in getting to another country.

    This made me sick to the stomach, in seeing you flirting your tits off on the Internet.

    Perhaps Canadian citizenship might have been an easier option in getting out of South Africa?
    Was Jeff Brown more cashed up?
    And you pretend as being a spiritual person?
    At peace with the world?
    In 4 years, you made no effort in trying to make our marriage work?

    I see why now.


    What follows leads me to believe she was simply in our relationship for other benefits such as Australian Citizenship and I'd be eventually dumped, at some point in the future.

    You be your own judge as to whether she's the sweet and spiritually kind and lovely woman that she portrays to everyone. Make a comment at the very end, if you wish.

    I was the 4th husband, in her string of short and failed marriages. A pattern?

    What a Lying Sack Of BS She Has Been

    Chat History with Jeffrey Brown (soulshaping)
    Created on 2010-05-06 01:27:27.
    Pam: 17:03:17Loved watching your videos:)
    Jeffrey Brown: 00:39:12loved your new profile pics
    Jeffrey Brown: 15:38:36Blessings…Pam: 19:22:59Same to youPam: 19:23:06many blessingsJeffrey Brown: 19:24:56how are you baby?
    Pam: 08:25:01Pam: 08:59:20Hope you had a good Christmas and New YearJeffrey Brown: 09:00:15i am fine honey.. i had a quiet new year… just writing and bathing… how are you?Pam: 09:00:49Same here its been fairly quietPam: 09:01:03What is the time over thereJeffrey Brown: 09:01:12its 6 p.m.Jeffrey Brown: 09:01:14where are you?Pam: 09:01:40In Australia its 9am hereJeffrey Brown: 09:02:13i know things have radically changed in your life. the dude looks happy with it in the pics i saw, but i wasn't sure about you. how is it really going for you?Pam: 09:03:33Jeffrey Brown: 09:03:51i understand, some pics you looked happy, others you looked uncertain.Jeffrey Brown: 09:04:02yes lets talk more deeply when you get some spacePam: 09:04:09:)))Pam: 09:04:32Yeah would love toJeffrey Brown: 09:04:51okay… i respect your situation, but seeing your sweet body is surely missedPam: 09:05:25Jeffrey Brown: 09:05:31have a good day…Pam: 09:05:46Yeah have a good evening Till laterJeffrey Brown: 09:05:49hugsPam: 09:05:55xxJeffrey Brown: 09:05:58oo
    Jeffrey Brown: 11:40:37hi Pam..Pam: 11:43:31hello Jeff, how r u doingJeffrey Brown: 11:44:10good hon.. how is your beautifulness?Pam: 11:45:24yeah I'm okay, ups and downs, but plodding along. Feeling good todayJeffrey Brown: 11:45:42what kind of downs?Pam: 11:46:44Well been going through some hormonal changes, but seen a Dr last week. So it seems to be okay nowJeffrey Brown: 11:47:11oh okay..  and hows the dude and you doing? hows your new life?Pam: 11:49:09its taking time getting to know each other, but chatting about things that need to be resolved which is a good thingJeffrey Brown: 11:49:33You got married, before you got to know one another in real timePam: 11:49:38Can I come to Canada lolJeffrey Brown: 11:49:48sure.. we would have funJeffrey Brown: 11:49:56you are triggering each other?Jeffrey Brown: 11:50:12i still owe you a weekend shagPam: 11:50:31hehehe not nowJeffrey Brown: 11:50:46darn… i rememberPam: 11:51:34Cool, will yap later.Jeffrey Brown: 11:51:42okay hon.. stay perfectJeffrey Brown: 11:51:56kisses to your bellyPam: 11:51:58When I arrive in Canada hahahJeffrey Brown: 11:52:10yes, i will tie you down and eat you for daysPam: 11:53:08Whats happened about John Warwick, have u added himPam: 11:53:35He really could learn so much from youJeffrey Brown: 11:53:38i just did..Jeffrey Brown: 11:53:44cool. do you know him personally?Pam: 11:53:55You are a darlingJeffrey Brown: 11:54:03you are a tasty goddessPam: 11:54:20No I dont, just from facebook, seems like a lost soulJeffrey Brown: 11:54:25oh..Jeffrey Brown: 11:54:31back to your tastiness..Jeffrey Brown: 11:54:44we should have met in london before you hooked upPam: 11:55:16Not to be discussed at the moment. not the right timeJeffrey Brown: 11:55:22got it..Jeffrey Brown: 11:55:33when are you seeing the doctor?Pam: 11:55:45Need to have a proper talk with u sometimeJeffrey Brown: 11:56:23okay, we can pre-book the talk time on facebookPam: 11:56:24will email u when convenientJeffrey Brown: 11:56:46okay hon.. stay well, stay perfect, stay Goddess. kisses to your..Pam: 11:57:20Thank you Jeffikins, much love to ya alwaysJeffrey Brown: 11:57:28you too.. one day…Pam: 11:57:37No doubtJeffrey Brown: 11:57:41yumPam: 11:57:44Bye for nowJeffrey Brown: 11:57:46have a nice day..Pam: 11:57:55you too:))xJeffrey Brown: 11:58:05oxxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 
    The Writing and Deception On The Wall
    I sat there in utter bewilderment when I saw that conversation.

    And then I cried, for a few hours.

    Pam was instantly scouting around for someone else, once the Cashflow Community project (and it's promises for great wealth) ran aground.
    No pushback by Pam on any of Jeff Brown's disgusting Skype advances.

    Quite the opposite

    Angling multiple times for the Canadian invitation which could see her vacate Australia for yet another ‘relationship'.

    It's now abundantly clear, to me, that she dropped our relationship like a hot potato, only after a few months of marriage. All the while weighing up her options on the best time and opportunity to get out and into another feathered nest.

    Last Word For Us To Live By, From Soulshaping Jeff Brown Himself

    jeff brown soulshaping and womanising scam artist on the internetJeff Brown himself – December 13, 2013  …  You don’t measure love in time. You measure love in transformation. Sometimes the longest connections yield very little growth, while the briefest of encounters change everything. The heart doesn’t wear a watch- it’s timeless. It doesn’t care how long you know someone. It doesn’t care if you had a 40 year anniversary if there is no juice in the connection. What the heart cares about is resonance. Resonance that opens it, resonance that enlivens it, resonance that calls it home. And when it finds it, the transformation begins…


    Mr Soulshaping Jeff Brown: Pity you don't really appear to practise what you preach. The majority of your ‘followers' are women who hold you in high esteem which itself is out of balance and could make them targets for sexual advances.

    You and Pam would actually have made the perfect couple.

    * Is it any wonder that Karma and Cancer finally caught up with Pam, given her complete distain and contempt that she really has for people?

    Addendum: January 5th, 2014
    An Open Email From Jeff Brown so I'll Reply Here For My WebHost's Sake
    Thank you Jeff for your open (without caveat or disclosure) email which is included below, for transparency.

    In answer to your email:

    Stolen Hard Drive?

    I own the hard drive, in question, which was purchased by me on my credit card along with other computer equipment, in Oct 2009 and it was last connected and discarded on a shelf on May 2012
    As for an alleged conversation, I’ll openly make the appropriate data available for any mutually agreed independent forensic analysis, to determine just how alleged the conversations were.
    Please do research yourself on Australian Law and matrimonial property
    Since leaving the relationship 2 months ago, no formal or informal requests for the return of any property have been made to me, apart from an ADSL Router which I left with Pam to lessen any inconvenience to her

    Ridiculous In This Effort?

    Thank you for your quick, denigrating and insensitive analysis

    I would have thought your Soulshaping background would have been able to come up with something better

    That said, the main reason for this purging was to rid my mind of an event/s that had made me sick to my stomach and emotional wellbeing.
    And this magical dialogue/s significantly contributed, in my opinion, to undermining a relationship that was never allowed to begin and blossom, as I had hoped it would.

    Pam and I Were Friends Long Before You

    Goodie for you, mate
    I was always under the impression your previous behaviours should change, once one of your female ‘friends' got into a serious relationship and married?

    Virtually No Contact Since

    Virtually? :)

    She Has Never Behaved Inappropriately

    Well please do pardon another opinion of mine but I think we must have different views on the meaning of what ‘behaving appropriately’ is.

    I wish upon a star

    Again, you have my open offer to forensically analyse the data for truth, of what you label an alleged conversation.
    Now that I have mentally purged this onerous and distasteful part of history, I can get on with rebuilding my life and will be centring myself there.

    All the best with your new movie Karmageddon too

    Kindest Regards
    Martin Cooney

    On 4 Jan 2014, at 9:13 am, Jeff Brown <soulshaping@hotmail.com> wrote:

    Martin, I have been informed of your blog reporting an alleged conversation with Pam some years ago. I am sorry that she has disconnected with you, and do not know the context for anything that has happened between you, but it is illegal for you to represent another person's words without their permission, and particularly so from a stolen hard drive. Your web service provider has been informed, police are about to be informed, and it is ridiculous that you resort to this nonsense in an effort to strike back at her for whatever has happened between you. Your wife and I were friends long before you, and have had virtually no contact since. She has never behaved inappropriately. Jeff

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  • Change Is Evolution

    Real love changes everything

    Real love changes everything

    You often hear that age old saying from one partner to another ‘If you really love me, you shouldn’t want me to change’.

    It’s true to a point.


    A relationship with someone is far more than operating individually.

    Some people might act that way but they’ve got the definition of what a partnership or relationship really is.

    Change Is Love
    Question: Do you want your love to increase or whither?
    Answer: Increase, of course! D’oh

    And therein lies the real meaning of you wanting to change.

    Not because someone is forcing you to but for the evolution of your love.
    Your own love for yourself and the love you share with your partner.
    Change Is For Humans
    [% oiopub-banner-4-right %]If we weren’t meant to change and evolve, we’d all still be crawling around the floor like babies.

    They have the innocent common-sense to recognise they need to be better than they are.
    Relationships are exactly like that.
    Do you honestly think a relationship isn’t meant to grow into something better than it’s parts?
    Growth means self-awareness of areas that you know need adjustment.
    Growth means trusting your partner to help you become self-aware.
    Growth means actually doing something about your repeating patterns of bullshit in your personal life as well as failures in past relationships.
    If you keep getting the same outcomes, you need to alter something significant within yourself. Trusting an invested partner is your first step towards brilliance.

    Never a truer word said about change

    Never a truer word said about change

    Change Is For Kindred Spirits
    Despite a recent personal disaster, I still hold true to the belief that with the right person watching your back through life, you BOTH will attain significant rewards that go well beyond those you could do individually.

    [pull_quote align=”right”]Despite 3 years of lies and deception, my trust in real love remains. Don’t let one rotten apple spoil your harvest[/pull_quote]

    I refrain from mentioning attaining ascendence :)

    Finding your soulmate isn’t always easy and you’ll likely move through a number of relationship before that special person is revealed. It will happen if you hold fast on your path and intentions.

    The lesson to learn is change brings rewards. Change is a good thing.

    Evolve yourself and be proud your partner wants to be a part of it as well as their own.

    You are two peas in the same pod, aren’t you?

    Makes sense to keep watering for the harvest, don't you think?

    What do you think?

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