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    Is this really all the male brain thinks about? Ask meDo women really want to know what’s going on inside the male brain?

    Do you have what it takes to actually ask? Pluck up the courage and find the answer from someone who is non-judgemental.

    Imagine being able to get an answer and opinion from a guy about your circumstance, without bias – wouldn’t that be kind of neat?

    My Brain

    3 years ago on Facebook, I created a Women Only Facebook Group called ‘The Male Brain of Martin Cooney’ and invited all the female Facebook friends I had at the time to join.

    I got comments from them like ‘Wow, this is really cool to get your male perspective to some of the challenges I have in my relationship’.


    I made it clear the group wasn’t about right or wrong and was more along the lines of male opinion or what might be going on inside their partner’s male brain, given the circumstances involved with them.

    And the ladies asking the questions even supported each other with their own views on the situation – it was a wonderful support network.

    My Facebook account was mysteriously closed (thanks, Facebook for that inconvenience!) and when I got the account restored several weeks later, ‘The Male Brain of Martin Cooney’ Group was unable to be restored by Facebook – actually I think it more that lost the information.

    So it’s time to restart the Group / Forum / Discussion area again. This time under our control so Facebook can’t blow it away at their whim.

    Ladies at the ready

    So ladies, click on over and start a new topic; asking whatever it is you’d love to know about a particular circumstance, situation, relationship challenge that you’d like to better understand, from a male’s point of view.

    And it can be anything as well, such as:

    • Some relationship advice from the male point of view
    • You might be in what you think is a bad relationship
    • Why does he appear to not want a romantic relationship
    • ‘My partner said ‘ blah blah blah’ when I ‘insert circumstances here’
    • ‘What does this mean when he does this when I do this?
    • Dating tips – though I operated from the perspective of honesty and integrity, so bear that in mind too
    • marriage counselling – though just think of it as bouncing ideas around
    • anything though … get the low-down of how a male really thinks

    You get the idea? Pluck up the courage and ask me a question


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  • Tetka
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    Asking the male brain of Martin Cooney
    Here goes:
    Always find it curious that you have to get really practical and logical when asking questions to the majority of men, so question to Mr M. is:
    Why do men require things to be spelt out? – Why can't they feel the energy behind the words?

    Now that was a curious extension of my boundaries, wonder how many other women feel the same about writing a question in this forum?

  • Martin
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    Good to start a new question topic (link at the bottom of this initial post) as opposed to comments on this one – mainly to better compartmentalise different questions really.

    Having said that, let's simply move on and get to my answer to your question.

    My view is this behaviour harks back to primitive times, Tetka. Men hunted and women were community and feeling based creatures.

    Guys essentially view the world as flat, one dimensional, one path leading to a solution. And they'll hunt down the solution if there isn't one. Ask a guy to fix a water tap and they'll instantly launch into 1,2,3,4 mode.

    Now ask a women to fix a water tap and their multi-layered thought patterns would drift down many different paths. What price is better, would the price affect quality, price affect longevity of the repair, quality affect the method of the fix, maybe the longevity at some point might affect one nights' dishwashing that could cause an argument …… the list goes on and on and does so in a heartbeat.

    It's a fact of life. Keep in mind when talking to a guy, think the earth is flat and ask for the best way to get from A to B. Simple, easy, solution based.

  • Marie
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    OK, I've been prowling your site for a little while now and made some comments too so it's probably time I start asking for some unbiased male opinion now.
    Thank you too for the opportunity

  • purplepancake1983
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    Hello! I love and glad to be a member.

  • Martin
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    Oh, thank you for your kind words, PurplePancake – great to know we're doing some good things that you appreciate and enjoy.

    Now, what you really can do for us is tell all your friends where we are and get them to visit us as well. And even tell others through Facebook and Twitter etc would be wonderful, as well.

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