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    Here's the story.
    I'm in my early forties, twice divorced and now with a new man in my life. We've been together now for about 18 months. I've always been reserved sexually and I think that's because my previous husbands have never been that much interested in an exciting and satisfying sexual experience. I don't know if that's the case with all guys but it's certainly been the case with my previous ones. Anyway, it looks like I've now got one that's interested in me but he's gone a little cold lately and I think it might be something I've done or not done. 

    I've read countless woman's magazines but they seem to be a little out of touch when it comes to making sure the sexual relationship is mutual, if you know what I mean. Seems that most of these magazines seem to think if a woman spreads her legs that a guy will be satisfied but I really think that's a little old fashioned.

    What can I do to show him I desire him? Things that will turn him on and turn me on too. Any advice would be great.

  • SexBait
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    I realize this is the male brain area but I'm throwing in my opinion too lol

    From my own sexual experiences, there's a couple of things women just don't get and have never got. Men love to feel as well as know that they're sexually wanted. Just the same as women want to know. They also freaking hate it when they're expected to be the initiators as well as the sexually dominant ones. Jesus, that must really get freaking boring as hell lol

    So my advice is get adventurous, worship their bits as they do yours and get wild and a little dominant lol – you'll get better sex

  • Martin
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    Hi Angel and welcome.

    All guys are all different! Yours is interested in you so the great and pleasurable thing to do is to simply reciprocate. Take an interest in him, ask what he likes and would love to try and look to accomodate the experimentation. Not all new things turn out as you'd expect them to but be OK with that and move onto a new ‘something new'.

    SexBait does raise a good point as well. Lots of women do believe they have the goods which, they think, is all they need to bring to the relationship. That's so untrue! Both need to be highly attentive as well as adventurous and interested in the others' pleasure – that's bring rewards to the giver as well as the receiver.

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    Hey Angel, Gotta say I was once like you, being reserved, I mean.
    To be perfectly frank and honest, us ladies view themselves in a negative light when it comes to their own blossoming sexuality and their role in making sure they are pleased and satisfied and more importantly, their obligation in making sure their boyfriend is TOTALLY sexually satisfied and coming back for more.

    What do you do to show him your desire for him? Start the sex! Go for the grope! Talk dirty! You ask questions! Try the dominant role for a change! And you know what, you'll freaking love it and so will he lol

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