Long distance relationships and Spellcasting

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    My ex split up with me 2 months ago and i have been trying to get her back since and she has went no contact and just ignores me constantly i have pleaded and begged in texts messages for her to contact me but she wont, i want her back we where in a long distance relationship, i cry myself to sleep all the time yet she just ignores me and gets on with her life like i didn't exist , we where a couple for over a year, i tried my best to get her back but not was working out until i found a spell caster who help me and he cast a love spell for which i use in getting back my ex

  • Martin
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    Interesting dialogue, muilhf.
    I've removed your email addresses.

    What I will say is that spellcasting sounds like a pile of crap. Further to that, if you did actually pay for this ‘spell' then you've been conned.

    Certainly do come back and reply how you think it actually worked for you and your ex.

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