Should I move for him?

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  • hillary
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    over a year ago i met a guy on a webiste that im a little embarrased to admit was for hooking up with people.

    we started talking and it really turned into a friendly relationship and over the past year i feel like i have grown very strong feelings for and i think he is feeling the same.

    we talk all day every day and have met a numorus times. only thing is im 20 and he is 34. i live in ohio and he lives in florida. i know it looks a little odd and most would probably discourage it but im not sure what to do because i really would like to take the next step. im almost done with school and i always planned to move to florida even before he was in the picture.

    if i do move i dont want to seem like im going just for him but i would like to know where we stand. even though im very comfortable around him i dont know how to bring it up. i guess my queston is how do i talk to him about our relationship? and even though he knows i want to move saying it and doing it are very different.

    im pretty sure he would support my decision either way but i reall dont know how to bring it up.
    it would be so great if you could help me figure this out. thanks

  • Martin
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    He's a guy, remember? Don't think he knows what's going on in your head unless you say it out loud. That's Rule #1 in the ‘Understanding Man' handbook.

    So how are you going to bring it up? You just do. Be honest and open about your thoughts so he has a clear idea of what you think you'd like to do and why.

    Does that make sense or should I elaborate on anything or any part that I might have missed?

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