Why Do Guys Just Wanna Fuck?

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  • Marie
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    To start with, I'm a pretty fired up women who totally loves sex.

    I have had some self esteem issues many years ago but I got out of that stupidity and worshipped my own body. I eat healthy, exercise and love to fuck. I'm choosey with my sexual partners, make sure things are clean and there's always protection in use too.

    So here we go with the question.

    I'm mid-thirties, no children and nor do I want any. I earn good money and have a great lifestyle. Despite all that, I seem to be hooking up with arseholes who simply and only want to screw, screw, screw.

    I'm OK with that part but what's up with all these creeps avoiding the other side of things i.e. good times, sweet talk and a nice friendly relationship?

  • Martin
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    Thank goodness a lady with some spirit to post a question :)
    Thanks Sexbait for taking the time.

    Well, there is a lack of background however my initial suggestions are as follows:

    [1] You've either not clearly materialised the type of guy you really do want in your life. Check out my post on this about Mindmapping and Getting Your Right Life Partner. You see it sounds like you're attracting Bad Boys and need to get out of that rut …. or

    [2] You've entered into your relationships with an overdose of sex and that then becomes the natural expectation from the guy i.e they get a liberal dose of ongoing sex whenever they want it (and you do too, I presume) and that's the relationship expectation. If you fail to set some boundaries and your own relationship progression, the guy isn't going to know. Forget thinking men are mindreaders – if you don't spell it out, expect to get what they think is the expectation and nothing more.

    What do you think so far?

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  • PiercedLove
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    Hey sexbait – cute name too lol
    I tend to agree with TheGeek on his points. I love healthy sex like the next woman (I hope they do anyway lol) but once I understood that sex is for mutual enjoyment AND you both need to be really honest and actually talk about sex, things change. I'm surprised by how I've really be reserved, afraid and, well, reluctant in my past about sex and my sexuality. I mean, why the hell should I be lol?
    Just try and start talking with your guy, sexbait. If he can't, well, maybe he's not the right one for you?

  • SexBait
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    Hey thanks guys.
    I'm surprised there hasn't been any other ladies ‘game' enough to comment since I asked – it's gotta be a question on just about every woman's mind lol.
    And thank you too PiercedLove – I got so much insight from what you said too.

    Here's what I think I've uncovered over the 6 months of living with my man:
    * I love to fuck just as much as he does. I never really understood that until I thought about it one night, after he drifted off to sleep. I really really do love having sex and making mad passionate love with him.
    * Men love to fuck, true. They do because they're far less inhibited than we ladies. Bastards :)
    * We need to actually learn to enjoy our bodies as a source of ultimate pleasure and enjoyment.
    * Stop being so stuck up, as a gender. Sometimes I think we really believe we have the power over how love making proceeds or doesn't proceed. That's really an ego thing. And wrong.

    What do other woman think of this so far? I'm interesting in some other opinions and thoughts.

  • Martin
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    Oh some good revelations on your part, sexbait (haha I really love that name you've chosen)

    There's a general stigma with the majority of women that men are just sex maniacs. There's a vast difference between that and loving sex. Women get all weird at the mention of sex – wrong really since it's a very natural thing. Society has placed undue stress on females to be sexually liberated and clear minded. Females enjoying sex are classified as sluts or whores whereas males are cool or players – depending on the gender that's doing the judging.

    Men are very closely bound to sex as their extension of being loved. When they're loved in this way, they're happy and content and will do anything for their lady. The reverse is true when they aren't feeling loved too – they're often moody and withdrawn. Same feelings as a women not being loved but both genders get their ‘love bank' filled in different ways.

    Men need to learn the woman way and women need to also understand and accept the sex is a love-extension for men. More sex for men means, ultimately, more romance and committment to the woman.

    Let's all better understand this, have more fun-filled and enjoyable sex and be better humans.

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