Why Do Men Fuck?

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    Ok lol it's a pretty direct question lol.

    I've had a few boyfriends and I love sex as much as the next girl but it seems that all the guys I know have this fixation on sex and fucking. Is it natural to be like that?

    I just wonder whether I've met the wrong guys or not or getting things more confused than what they need to me.

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    Hmm, interesting question, Belinda.

    Though are you sure you really aren’t asking ‘why do men seem to like to fuck more than I do?’

    Men are human beings just like women. We all have a value system and we all have needs that need to be met and urges that need to be satisfied. When you’re in a partnership with another person, it really is a vital part of your relationship to understand each other’s needs and do your best to discuss them as well as satisfy them.

    Now I know the feminists out there may boo-har this advice but most of them are probably single, living their lives out without a guy. Flame on!

    Anyhoo, it’s scientifically proven that men equate enthusiastic sex to being loved and wanted. Whereas women see sex as a by-product of being loved through closeness, support and security, to name but a few.

    And that’s the big rub, isn’t it? Both genders’ value systems view sex differently.

    It’s important to say at this point that there’s got be be real understanding and compromise. Without them, you’ll end up in a stalemate situation. If women gives herself over to being the sexual and free being that she was always meant to be and provide enthusiastic and engaging sex to her partner, he will quite literally move mountains for her.

    Believe me when I say that. A guy who is in sexual bliss with his woman will be in 7th heaven and do anything for her. He will feel totally loved by his lady. He will enjoy coming home to her, providing for her, love her on a different level and ‘be there’ for her when she needs him.

    Isn’t that what every woman wants to get her love?

    So to answer the question, men fuck to feel loved.


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