Dating From Other Cultures

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  • Martin
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    I just wrote a blog post ‘Are Women Over 40 Still Sexy‘.

    Interestingly, today I was chatting to my wife, Pam, about dating people from different cultures and countries.

    We were having a conversation around a large percentage of Thai women enter into healthy relationships and marriages with Westerners, simply to escape Thailand to a ‘better place'. She was explaining about another chat with one of her friends who told her about a complete stranger who was a Thai woman. This Thai had married an Australian and basically told her she'd married him to get out of Thailand, she doesn't love him and it's a means to an end.

    Personally, I find women from other cultures invigorating and engaging and it certainly adds spice and a new dimension and layer to the relationship. In fact, after my divorce, every relationship I entered into was with a non-Australian. Actually, the truth was that they all were for South Africa! One of those co-incidences, do you think? Not sure.

    What are your thoughts on multicultural partnerships and dating from other cultures and countries?

  • GaryNesbitt
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    Funny I should read this just now.
    I was out yeaterday in the city at a local hiking retailer, checking out some new boots. My mind also wanders at times. Since I'm single too, I was scanning for the beautiful and fairer gender and unusually,thought about how much more attracted I was to non-white ladies.
    The more I thought about this, I came to the conclusion that I was really looking for difference. By that I mean, I was somewhat tired (maybe that's not the right word) of ladies that were the same as me. Culture, thoughts, American mindset, habits, lifestyle, food and the list goes on.

    I'd have to say whereas mixed relationships in the past were frowned upon, they really would be the spicer side of life and therefore more exiting. Am I just mad in thinking this?

  • Mitch
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    Not to put too fine a point on it, I've found the women in my past that are from the same cultural background, society and lifestyle as myself to be (eventually) boring.

    I'm wondering if this is just due to starting off like anyone else and simply ‘dating' those that are in your area and thinking that was all it's meant to be. Growing through life as well as relationships tends (or should tend) to allow you to learn what was working and what wasn't. Trying new things should be what we all should be doing until you find what works.

  • AnonymousUser
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    Coming in late on this one but never too late for a comment, I think.

    I so agree with the notion of dating ladies from other cultures. Having had a few relationships with chicks from Asian countries, I'm simply in love with the whole Asian thing. For me, I think it's not only the diversity but also they have a certain and undefinable air of mystery. Alluring and innocence. Love the all over natural tan (I think that's a big thing unconsciously with white males too).

    So certainly, women from other cultures have many so called benefits over ladies from the same normality as your own.

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