How do I break up with my best friend?

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    I've been in a relationship for almost nine years. During that time we've graduated high school, we did long distance, I've graduated college, and we are now both working adults. Without going into all of the details, he is my best friend, but I know he is not the man I should marry nor the partner I want in life. How do I go about bringing up the conversation and going through with it without getting sucked back in or guilt tripped?

  • Martin
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    Have you tried talking about your mutual life goals, to start with?
    This should bring about some clarity for you both in where each of you is intending to head.

  • Bella
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    How do you know he isn't the guy for you?

  • Anonymous
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    If you think he is not the right man for you, you should talk to him nicely but to the point about how you feel. I think that he will definitely understand..

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