in love with a navy man

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    in love with a navy man.. .

    Last time i left off here i was dating Mr. Air hockey but time does spill all and it turned out i didn’t really have feeling for him and as time went on i realized that he reminded me in almost every damn which way of my ex. From family drama, to being over caring and mushy one moment and then distant and careless the next. he started to show that my opinions were hear but didn’t matter. So i ended that very quickly. I gave a website a chance and I’m glad more than glad i did .

    I met Navy man, who i have been with for about two months almost. From first day we started talking there was an endless connection. after our first week i felt things that even after a month with my jerk ex i didn’t feel. I never dated with in my culture mainly because i grew up with them and wasn’t attracted he was different. The things we had in common in view of culture drew me closer rather than away. after three weeks of talking we made it official. i didn’t get to see him until two weeks ago. He was at a naval base and would be coming home soon. we texted all day and skyped at night. the conversations were effortless and still are. Once he said I love you everything in me kind of just fell into place and i realized i felt the same. when we finally did meet up it was like we had known each other forever there was no awkwardness or silence it was just easy.

    You would think i have my happy little beginning. He is amazing and he is also still in service under the navy reserves. Yup guessed it hes leaving again actually sunday. He mentioned how he wouldn’t want to loose me but said that in most cases the women end up leaving anyway. I have never seen myself being with a military guy. Just wasn’t a situation i wanted to ever be in . especially for those of you who have seen me go up and down since my jerk ex you know im worry wort.. Even though the situation isn’t perfect & it will be hard & ill still probably worry I think its worth continuing.

    we both have let each other know how we feel and our fears of things going wrong. but for the first time i found someone who makes me feel like I am everything to them even when they have a million things going on . His contract is up in 2016 and he already mentioned how he would take me into consideration into his decision of reenlisting or not. that if when that time comes we are both sure of moving forward and starting a life together he wouldn’t re enlist. Even if he did i wouldn’t stop it because i would never want anyone to try and make me stop doing something I loved to do .

    • Have any of you married, dated, been with a military man or woman?
    • How do you make the distance with them work?
    • how do you deal with the inability to visit them in certain locations because you are not an official spouse?

    any advice so long as positive is greatly appreciated

  • Martin
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    Hey Yvonne.

    For a starter, I'd suggest you have a read through the Long Distance Relationships posts already on the site –

    LDRs can be challenging as well as rewarding, providing you have a degree of self control and plan together how to make them work.

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