Is this guy a Player?

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    I have a relationship problem and I was wondering if you could help me out and advise me on what I should do. Thanks so much.

    Here's the story: I'm a senior in high school and this sophomore guy told me he liked me in December 2011, and we've been texting/talking/video chatting every day since then. I told him I liked him too about a month ago. A week ago, he logged onto Facebook on my phone and forgot to log off, so I looked at his messages and found out he told 2-3 other girls he liked them during this 3-month period, and he used the same lines (“you're beautiful/cute/sexy/pretty”) with them as he did with me.

    I asked him about it (saying that I found out from a friend) and he apologized and asked me to give him a second chance, and I said ok. I just looked at his Facebook messages today and he called this girl “cutie” and told 3 other girls to text him. What should I do?

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  • Martin
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    Hi Christine and thanks for visiting.

    Immediate advice? Drop his ass.

    He's obviously out there playing the field and playing the odds, with the same old lines. If you're more interested in a single relationship and boyfriend then this type of guy is certainly NOT for you. You can do better and there's certainly better, more reliable guys out there looking for you too. Go find them.

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